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Water daeva. Sunk Leá Monde into the sea 25 years ago with the aid of Dao, the earth daeva.

In-game description

Marid is a boss from Vagrant Story. It is fought two times in the game, one at the Grand Cathedral, and the other at the Escapeway. Both enemies retain the same stats.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

After the fight against Ifrit and the Iron Crab, Ashley comes across Marid in the room "Order and Chaos". Blocks of ice appeared and from its shattered pieces the Marid forms.

When Marid is defeated, a Cloudstone will be activated at "The Victor's Laurels".

Strategy Edit

The Marid can be easily defeated by buffing your armour with "Spark Fusion" and equipping a Blunt weapon to attack it's body. To reduce the damage caused by it's spells equip Undine Jaspers and Marid Aquamarines to lessen the damage.

Musical themes Edit

The battle track "Tieger and Neesa" plays during this fight. It is composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto and is the second track in Disc 2 of the original soundtrack.


Marid (Arabic: مارد‎‎ mārid) is an Arabic word meaning rebellious, which is sometimes applied to supernatural beings. The word has come to refer to demons and powerful jinn. In Dungeons & Dragons a marid is a genie of water.

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