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Marid (マーリド族, Mārido-zoku?) is a genus of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

The Marid (マーリド, Mārido?) is an enormous animal that lives in the forests of the Near East, though few actually remain in the wild. Its fearsome natural weaponry consists of a long, flexible trunk, and two great tusks used to scythe through its enemies. Despite being herbivorous, marids possess burning eyes that reveal their violent temperament, and nothing can slow one of these massive beasts earthshaking charges. Before their numbers were decimated by the growing plague of chigoes, battle-trained war marids were the centerpiece of the Aht Urhgan army. Now these ultimate shock troops are kept in reserve within the grounds of the Imperial Palace, rarely seen by those outside its walls.

Marids drop three items used in synthesis. The marid's hair, thick hide, and tusks are all used by highly experienced professionals to make some of the most decorative Near East armor.

Special abilities[]

  • Barrier Tusk: Defense boost.
  • Flailing Trunk: Short cone attack.
  • Onrush: Single target damage.
  • Stampede: Large single target damage.
  • Voracious Trunk: Steals a beneficial effect from the target.


Marid (Arabic: مارد‎‎ mārid) is an Arabic word meaning rebellious, which is sometimes applied to supernatural beings. The word has come to refer to demons and powerful jinn. In Dungeons & Dragons a marid is a genie of water.