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Marduk is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0 encountered in the forests in the Roshana Province area.


Enemy CompendiumEdit

This relatively reclusive creature resides mainly in the jungles of Concordia. Although the marduk is quite powerful, it will not attack unless provoked. Once angered, however, the marduk will begin attacking anything and everything within reach. It often poisons its prey before delivering the final blow, either by striking its target with a sludge bomb or by trapping them in the noxious fumes spilling forth from its body.


Marduk is a large serpentine monster that blows toxic bubbles at its enemies. If the player comes into contact with the bubbles they receive damage and are afflicted by status ailments. Marduk falls asleep periodically. If the battle draws for long it goes berserk and rampages around the battlefield.


Using fire magic on it tends to deal the best damage. The cadets should try to avoid the toxic bubbles it breathes as it ignores damage reduction accessories and will damage through invincibility.



Marduk is the Babylonian deity of thunder and lightning.

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