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March on Ifrit is a raid event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Players were pitted against Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno, whose HP they must deplete in a collective effort so as to obtain rewards. The event based on the battle against Ifrit, the primal from Final Fantasy XIV.


Eorzea, a land full of adventure. Many an explorer, each traversing their own path, have laid their marks on this land so teeming with life.

In this Eorzea exists a multitude of savage gods. Worshiped by local beast tribes, these unworldly beings are known as "primals."

These primals have tremendous power, and are a great threat to all of those living in Eorzea.

And now, one has appeared in the dimensional vortex.

Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno, an entity known for its extremely ferocious nature. It is said that it breathes flames, that it claws can melt iron, and that its horns pierce the heavens.

How might Rain and his friends stand up to the "Hellfire" that burns all who defy this legendary primal?



During the event, all players work to drain the HP of Ifrit, Lord of the Inferno in order to obtain rewards. Defeating Ifrit grants each player an amount of FFBE Ifrit Raid Coin.png Ifrit Raid Coins, the number of which depended in the damage dealt. These coins are used for Raid Summons, where the player can get limited-time units, as well as exclusive awakening and crafting materials. The featured Final Fantasy XIV units (Y'shtola, Minfilia, Thancred) were Raid Summons, in addition to being raid rewards.

For the event, units with resistance to Fire and Paralyze, and weapons and espers who grant the passive Beast Killer ability were recommended. Furthermore, players unable to win at the ELT stage (which had a marked increase in difficulty as regards the other stages) could use the Escape or Smoke abilities, or the Smoke Bomb item to obtain mission rewards after fulfilling the stage's objectives.


As in other raids, players can check their points and ranking by clicking on the "Achievement Status" button in the raid screen. While all rewards are sent to the player's mailbox, only individual rewards can be collected as soon as the player gets enough points. Rank rewards are only distributed once the event was finished.

Individual rewards
Reward Points
Recipe for Scion Thief's Halfgloves 800 pts
Recipe for Meteor Survivor Ring 3,500 pts
Recipe for Scion Thief's Tunic 10,000 pts
Thancred 20,000 pts
Recipe for Scion Conjurer's Pattens 42,500 pts
Recipe for Antecedent's Attire 65,000 pts
Recipe for Scion Conjurer's Dalmatica 87,500 pts
Recipe for Ul'dahn Falchion 110,000 pts
Recipe for Cobalt Winglet 132,500 pts
Recipe for Budding Maple Wand 155,000 pts
Protection of the Gods 177,500 pts
Minfilia 200,000 pts
Fairies' Writ x5 242,000 pts
Rainbow Bloom x5 284,000 pts
Calamity Writ x5 326,000 pts
Calamity Gem x5 368,000 pts
Prismatic Horn x5 410,000 pts
Divine Crystal x5 452,000 pts
Divine Seal 494,000 pts
Rare Summon Ticket x1 540,000 pts
King Gil Snapper x10 586,000 pts
Metal Gigantuar x5 632,000 pts
King Tough Pot x1 678,000 pts
King Magi Pot x1 724,000 pts
King Power Pot x1 777,000 pts
Phoenix Down x3 816,000 pts
King Shield Pot x1 862,000 pts
King Smart Pot x1 908,000 pts
Metal Gigantuar x10 958,000 pts
King Soul Pot x1 1,008,000 pts
King Burst Pot x1 1,058,000 pts
Rare Summon Ticket x1 1,108,000 pts
Y'shtola 1,200,000 pts
Individual rewards
Reward Points
Fairies' Writ x5 1,250,000 pts
Rainbow Bloom x5 1,300,000 pts
Calamity Writ x5 1,350,000 pts
Calamity Gem x5 1,400,000 pts
Prismatic Horn x5 1,450,000 pts
Divine Crystal x5 1,500,000 pts
5★ Trust Moogle (10% ALL) 1,600,000 pts

Ranking rewards
Rank Reward
1 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x4, Rare Summon Ticket x10
2 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x3, Rare Summon Ticket x9
3 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x2, Rare Summon Ticket x8
4 - 10 5★ Trust Moogle (ALL 10%) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x7
11 - 50 4★ Trust Moogle (ALL 5%) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x6
51 - 100 4★ Trust Moogle (ALL 5%) x1, Rare Summon Ticket x4
101 - 1,000 Rare Summon Ticket x4
1,001 - 10,000 Rare Summon Ticket x3
10,001 - 50,000 Rare Summon Ticket x2
50,001 - 100,000 Rare Summon Ticket x1
100,001 - 150,000 Lapis x200
150,001+ Lapis x100

Raid summons[]

Within the event period, players could summon various limited-time units and rewards by using raid coins. Each summon cost 100 FFBE Ifrit Raid Coin.png. A batch summon up to 50 summons at once cost 5000 FFBE Ifrit Raid Coin.png.



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Musical themes[]

The raid's boss theme is "Primal Judgment", Ifrit's theme in Final Fantasy XIV. It is the sixty-sixth track of the album Before Meteor: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack.