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The Parade of the Possessed is a Trial in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It is considered by many to be the last of the "easy" Trials, being the predecessor of Gilgamesh's Offensive which significantly reduces the scope of characters they can use to undertake or solo Trials or otherwise the strategies they can employ become much more limited. The players face a plethora of Bosses ending with Europa.


Killer Mantis & Belmodar[]

The Killer Mantis has 230,000 HP and high attack but no abilities worth mentioning. Weak to Fire (-50%) and resists Sleep/Confuse (50%) and immune to Petrify.

Belmodar has 150,000 HP and can use 10,000 Volts for massive Lightning Magic Damage. Resists Lightning 50% and immune to Petrify.

Ochu & Microchu[]

The Ochu has 280,000 HP and the Microchu 120,000 HP each. The Ochu will use normal attacks, spawn Microchu's and Ochu Dance for physical damage to all units. The Microchus only use normal attacks.

Ochu is weak to Fire (-50%) Susceptible to Blind/Sleep/Silence/Paralyze/Confuse/Disease/Petrify, Resists Poison +50% and immune to Petrify

The Microchus resist Water +50% are weak to Fire/Earth -50% Susceptible to Poison/Blind/Sleep/Silence/Paralyze/Confuse/Disease and immune to Petrify

Roper & Flan[]

The Roper may use Sweep to attack all units with a physical attack or use Gaze for Paralysis, Confusion or Sleep to one target. The Flans have no special attack.

The Roper has 210,000 HP, is weak to Fire -50% is susceptible to Blind/Silence/Confuse/Disease/Stop and immune to Poison/Sleep/Paralyze/Petrify +100%

The Flans have all 160,000 HP each and different resistances. Yellow Jelly is weak to Lightning -50% is Susceptible to Stop, KO (Zantetsuken) and immune to all status ailments.

Green Slime is weak to Fire/Ice -50% is Susceptible to Stop and immune to all status ailments.

Red Marshmallow resists Fire +50% and weak to Ice -50% is Susceptible to Stop and immune to all status ailments.

Hell's Rider & Flamesblade[]

The Hell's Rider has 540,000 HP and mostly uses physical attacks. It may use Poison Mist to inflict Poison on the party or Silver Lance for greater damage.

The Flamesblade has 430,000 HP and uses normal attacks and Tranquility for a stronger physical attack. When weakened it will use Fury to boosts his stats and Iai Strike that can KO a single unit.

The Hell's Rider is weak to Fire/Dark -50% is Susceptible to Blind/Silence/Confuse/Disease/Stop and immune to Poison/Sleep/Paralyze/Petrify.

The Flamesblade resits Fire +50% is weak to Ice -50% is Susceptible to Sleep/Confuse/Disease and immune to Poison/Blind/Silence/Paralyze/Petrify.

Architeuth & Tentacles[]

The Architeuth has 650,000 HP while the tentacles have 230,000 HP. They mostly use magic attacks like Blizzara, Watera and Waterja. They may use Ink and heal some HP.

All Bosses share a resistance to Earth +50% and weakness to Fire/Lightning -50%. The Architeuth is Susceptible to Blind/Confuse/Disease and Partially resistant to Paralyze +50% while immune to Poison/Sleep/Silence/Petrify and immune to Stat Breaks.

The tentacles are susceptible to all status ailments except Poison and Petrify.

Terror Knight[]

The Terror Knight has 820,000 HP and mostly uses Ra-Tier Spells, normal attacks and may sometimes cast Death on a single unit for a chance of an instant KO.

It resists Dark +100% and is weak to Light -50% is immune to all status ailments except Confuse and Disease. Being undead it is also susceptible to Raise/Phoenix Down.

Chimera & Antlion[]

The Chimera has 750,000 HP and initially uses normal attacks and Romp for a stronger physical attack as well as Frost Breath to attack all units with Ice Magic damage. Upon being weakened further it will use Aqua Breath as well.

The Antlion has 660,000 HP and can be quite damaging. It uses Bile to damage and Poison one target, Pincers for great physical damage on a single unit and when weakened uses Sandstorm for major Wind damage to all units.

The Chimera resists Fire/Ice/Lightning +100% is Susceptible to Stop while immune to all other status ailments.

The Antlion resists Earth +50% and is weak to Water -50% and Susceptible to Blind/Sleep/Confuse/Disease and immune to all other status ailments.

Wandering One & Wyvern[]

The Wandering One has 710,000 HP and attacks using Fire or Fira, and may use Protect and Shell on itself at times.

The Wyvern has 820,000 HP has strong physical damage, its normal attacks are not to be taken lightly and Bite can deal large damage to one unit. Every 3 turns it will use Needle Breath for 50% HP Wind Damage to all units.

The Wandering one resists Fire +50% is weak to Ice -50% and is partially susceptible to Blind/Sleep/Silence/Paralyze/Confuse/Disease +50%

The Wyvern has neutral resistances to all elements, is susceptible to Silence/Confuse/Disease and immune to Stat Breaks.

Europa & Searcher[]

The Trial's final challenge. Europa has 880,000 HP it can attack with Crush for major physical damage to one unit, Plasma for massive Lightning Damage to one unit, or Wave Cannon for major unmitigated damage to one unit, used once every 3 turns.

The Searchers have 330,000 HP and mostly rely on with normal attacks.

Europa resists Wind/Earth +100% and is weak to Lightning/Water/Light -50% it is susceptible to Confuse but immune to Stat Breaks.

The Searchers are weak to Lightning -50% are Susceptible to Blind/Confuse/Disease and partially so to Paralyze +50%


The Trial is not truly difficult as it is mostly a ramped up version of Surging Menace. That is to say the Trial's difficulty lies on being able to adapt to each battle accordingly while being capable of sustaining their HP/MP and resources during a long drawn out fight, making it more a battle of endurance than anything.

All Bosses are found in the Storyline or the Colosseum so the player is likely to face other versions of them at the point they fight this Trial, so there is very little to add apart from what the player has encountered, except that this time the monsters are significantly stronger.

The Bonus Lapis from the Missions is more generous than in other instances but still not essential, so the player is free to ignore the conditions to play better.

Mages with Elemental and Non-Elemental damage are helpful as they can circumvent resistances and exploit weaknesses. Exdeath is very useful for this, as are Noctis' Flask abilities that also come with secondary effects that can exploit Stop or other Status Ailments. He also doubles as an MP Battery with Cover and can use Warp Break for neutral damage and Point-Warp to recharge his MP.

A Tank is helpful but not mandatory although they may make things easier. Warrior of Light has powerful Breaks, Veritas of the Earth has reliable damage reduction abilities, Cecil and Charlotte can provide heals, support and Charlotte can also provide some MP recharges.

Some elemental protection, mostly Barthundara and above may be needed to resist Europa's attacks. Some Bosses on the upper tiers are immune to Breaks, so buffs like Rain's Leadership, or others like Cheer/Focus are helpful to deal with their resistances.

Osmose/Lance may help in mitigating the use of MP Items although the player should stock on them. Phoenix Downs are also viable as some Bosses inflict instant KO, while they can one-shot the Terror Knight.

Overall the Trial is not difficult for a decently equipped party.