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Map screen displaying The Dragon Scars.

The map feature in World of Final Fantasy can be accessed from any location on the field, showing the entire layout of the current location and cursor indicating the lead character's exact spot. In addition to moving the position of the map and allowing the player to zoom in and out of a certain spot, the map screen can also show a legend of the features in that location as well as a general listing of the Mirages found in a dungeon, including those in "secret areas". A headline of the current storyline objective can be found at the top of the screen.

The player can also access the world map screen from here. Once the player has access to the airship in Chapter 21, "Chaos in Grymoire", the player can also fast-travel to any location in Grymoire.

In later dungeons, pulling up the map screen shows only a blank screen with the player's cursor in the center.

Map features[]

Exit Gate
Save Crystal
Puzzle Switch
Support Ability
Treasure Trove

Mirages Discovered[]

Location Mirage Discovered Notes
Wellspring Woods Mu, Chocochick
The Nether Nebula Mini Golem, Mandragora, Copper Gnome, Floating Eye, Fritt, Bablizz, Zapt
The Watchplains Mandragora, Black Nakk, Goblin, Red Cap, Goblin Guard, Red Captain, Black Chocochick
Pyreglow Forest Mu, Reaver Mu, Cockatrice, Deathskull, Babyhemoth, Dualizard, Moogle, Cactrot, Right Claw, Magic Jar
Icicle Ridge Quachacho, Ice Bat, Babyhemoth, Deathskull, Right Claw, Baby Paleberry, White Nakk, Left Claw, Holy Dragon
Saronia Docks Mini Flan, Sharqual, Ahriman, Dualizard, Floating Eye, Kupicaroon, Kupirate
The Low Seas Mega Sharqual, Minimantoise, Sea Snake, Adamantoise
The Dragon Scars Copper Gnome, Blood Eye, Spark Dragon, Red Dragon, Mini Golem, Bihydra, Cerberus
Valley Seven Korrigan, Bomb, Blood Eye, Lead Gnome, Flammantoise, Behemoth, Cocadrille, Red Dragon, Black Nakk, Spark Dragon, Phoenix
The Windswept Mire Water Toad, Flan, Malboro, Nut Eater, Mandragora, Mini Flan, Malboro Menace, Flan Princess
The Phantom Sands Nut Eater, Cocadrille, Chocobo, Sandicore, Memecoleous, Cactuar, Sand Worm, Sphinx
Underground Prison Searcher, Magitek Armor, Mist Dragon
Mako Reactor 0 Searcher, Magitek Armor, Death Machine, Bihydra, Bombino, Garchimacera, Werebat, Gigantuar, Gigantrot
Big Bridge Bombino, Kuza Kit, Left Claw, Brothertaur, Mythril Giant, Baby Tonberry, Magic Pot, Iron Giant, Minotaur
The Train Graveyard Werebat, Ice Bat, Skull Eater, Imp, Mordskull, Vampire, Demivampire, Chrome Giant, Nightmare Nightmare is listed despite only being encountered inside a Murkrift.
The Sunken Temple Sea Snake, Sea Serpent, Sharqual, Nightsqual, Mega Nightsqual, Quacho, Quachacho, Sea Worm, Tonberry, Baby Tonberry
The Crystal Tower Water Golem, Sistertaur, Paleberry, Mythril Giant, Unicorn, Ghidra, Bomb, Mindflayer, Sand Worm, Sea Worm, Wind Toad, Titan
The Chainroad Magna Roader (Purple), Lead Gnome, Left Claw, Trihyde, Lucky Toad, Manticore, Red Cap, Right Claw, Security Eye, Red Captain, Paleberry King
Castle Exnine Entom Guard, Death Searcher, Magna Roader (Yellow), Magna Roader (Red), Magitek Armor A, Kuza Beast, Squidraken, Minotaur, Behemonster, Yurugu, Cactuar, Elasmos