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Manxom is a boss in Final Fantasy XV fought at the bottom of the Crestholm Channels maze for the A Menace Sleeps in Crestholm sidequest.


Accursed draconic monster mentioned in the myths of Eos. Its fantastical features seem to spit in the face of evolutionary science. Some suggest it may be the ancestral origin of all reptilian life, but scientists have uncovered no evidence to support this claim.
Size: 101.96 ft. Weight: 221.05 t



Manxom is an immensely strong wyvern that can also petrify the party with its roar that makes dust rise off the floor. It is weak to polearms and lightning, but resists greatswords, ice and light. All its attacks are close-range attacks. It snaps at the party (can be block/parried), rams into them sideways and stomps on them with its colossal foot. It swings its tail to hit everyone in range. The player can target the head, the legs, the tail and the body separately. Attacking the head may break off its appendage and make it vulnerable; when made vulnerable, manxom lies on its side and stops attacking for a time. Manxom can be poisoned.


The player can protect against Stone with accessories and food buffs, but the ailment is more annoying than anything else, and wears off fast on its own. Gold Needles and Remedies can be used to cure it.

Attacking the manxom's heels can trigger powerful blindside-links, but it tends to move around a lot, making hitting the right spot tricky. Playing on the defensive and being ready to parry may work well. When manxom raises its foot for a stomp, the player can dodge away to avoid damage. Since all of manxom's attacks are close-range, the player can try steer clear of it and use ranged attacks. Lightning elemancy is also powerful against manxom.

Ignis's Enhancement can bestow Noctis's weapons with the lightning element to deal more damage with every hit. His Overwhelm allows everyone to attack in unison and be invincible during the attack animation—this is best used after using Enhancement first. Cooking a recipe that is Ignis's favorite before the battle makes it especially good as every attack will be critical, such as the Feast of the Divine, which also gives lots of HP and immunity to Stone.

The player can warp-strike the head from as far away as possible, or use other methods that can easily break enemies, such as Cerberus (easier in Wait Mode).



Manxome is a made-up word used to describe the Jabberwock in the nonsense poem Jabberwocky written by Lewis Carroll.

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