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Manufacted Nethicite is an accessory in Final Fantasy XII that makes the wearer take half damage from all elements, but places the wearer in permanent Silence state, unable to cast magicks or call forth Espers. In the original PlayStation 2 version, Silence also disables Quickenings. In the Zodiac versions, Manufacted Nethicite slightly boosts the wearer's Magick Resist. Manufacted Nethicite is a storyline item available only shortly, and is more relevant as a story item than as an equippable accessory.

Wearing multiple pieces of equipment that all give the same elemental resistance does not stack, but certain different types do stack:

  • Weakness + Halve = Normal damage
  • Halve + Absorb = Absorbs half

However, during the short window where the Manufacted Nethicite is available to equip, the party lacks weakness or absorb armor. This boosts the accessory's usefulness however, as there are few other ways to resist elemental damage at this point.


In all versions, Larsa bequeaths Manufacted Nethicite to Penelo aboard the Dreadnought Leviathan just as she joins the party permanently. It appeared in a cutscene in Larsa's possession before this, and appears in the cutscene against Judge Ghis aboard the Leviathan. The player can then equip the accessory onto anyone to have them halve elemental damage at the cost of being unable to use magicks and Espers (and Quickenings in the original PlayStation 2 version). The Manufacted Nethicite is removed from the inventory after besting the boss at Henne Mines as part of the story, and the player can't get it back or another accessory with a similar effect.


The Manufacted Nethicite, though usable as an accessory, is more of a story item as though the halving of all elements is good, the permanent Silence status it confers is a large handicap, especially in the original version where it also disables Quickenings. In the Zodiac versions it is more usable, as the wearer can still partake in Quickening chains, and the job system has jobs that learn almost no magick, anyway. It could be good against enemies that use a lot of magick, especially when coupled with Shell, and the wearer can still use items to compensate for their inability to use magick. However, the nethicite is only available to equip a limited amount of time.

Equipping the accessory triggers any Ally status:Silence gambits. The player can get around this with Ally any:Vox or Ally any:Echo Herbs, which do not launch unless the action actually cures Silence.



The suffix -ite is derived from the Greek word lithos (from its adjectival form -ites), meaning "rock" or "stone". There are two types of nethicite: deifacted and manufacted. "Manufacted" is an obsolete form of "manufactured" (from Latin manus and facere).

The Japanese name for the nethicite, (破魔石, Hamaseki?), can be translated as either Exorcising Stone ((破魔, Hama?, lit. Excorcism) and (, Seki?, lit. Stone)), or as Rending Magic Stone ((, Rend?), (, Ma?, lit. Magic), and (, Seki?, lit. Stone)).