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The Mantis King, also known as the MantKing and the GrMantis, is an enemy from Final Fantasy II. It is a relatively rare and hard-hitting enemy that appears east of Mysidia after the events at the Mysidian Tower, along with multiple Killer Mantises. It's also a good training target, as this monster can be dispatched easily with a high-level Blizzard spell and yields a large amount of gil upon defeat. It can also rarely drop Cat Claws, the strongest dagger in the game, long before it can be obtained in the Jade Passage.


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Mantises is an order of insects that contains over 2,400 species and about 430 genera in 15 families worldwide in temperate and tropical habitats. Most are in the family Mantidae. A common name, often applied to any species in the order, is "praying mantis" due to the typical "prayer-like" posture with folded fore-limbs, although the eggcorn "preying mantis" is sometimes used in reference to their predatory habits. In Europe and other regions, however, the name "praying mantis" refers to only a single species, Mantis religiosa.

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