Mansion: The Memory of Sagiso is the tenth episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Unlimited Episode 10

Mansion: The Memory of Sagiso



Ai, Chobi, Lisa, and Yu walk through a deserted town whose houses are just rocks in the shape of houses. Spotting what appears to be their parents, Ai and Yu give case, running after them toward a large mansion at the top of a hill.

The Mansion residentEdit

FFU Episode 10 - Sagi

The mysterious boy.

The group cautiously enters the mansion, but like the town before it, it is deserted. A piano plays in the distance, and Yu runs off to investigate.

Finding a lone, white grand piano in a strange room, the group discovers the "player" is but drops of water falling from the ceiling, which is covered in roses.

Realizing they are lost, the group begins to look for an exit. They stumble on a cavernous room with giant chili-peppers hanging from the roof. Chobi leaps up and devours an entire pepper, sending him into a energetic panic his feathers turning red.

Chobi races off with Ai, and Yu chases after her. A small voice begs Lisa not to leave. Following the sobs, she stumbles across a strange-looking boy who begs Lisa to take him with her. Lisa doesn't think the boy feels human and seems to remember it from somewhere.


FFU Episode 10 - Yu's Parents

Yu believes he sees his parents.

Yu, having lost Chobi and Ai, finds himself in a Venice-like street, still within the mansion. Spying the two from before crossing the waterway, he races after them. Elsewhere in the canal, Lisa and the small boy appear, searching for the others. The boy's name is Sagi, and he was brought here by a light.

Yu has found a field of giggling and licking sunflowers. Ai has been dumped by Chobi in front of a strange pod that opens, releasing a swarm of butterflies which chase Ai. Lisa and Sagi have also located a similar pod. when this pod opens, a large bouncing ball chases the pair. Lisa lets go of Sagi to perform her Kigen. Sagi, who has become sullen from the brief absence of Lisa, questions whether Lisa is going to leave him behind again. Lisa asks if they have met before, to which Sagi responds by claiming he remembers Lisa, despite Lisa not recalling Sagi. As she embraces Sagi, two of the bouncing balls from earlier reappear, but she does not have the time to fend them off.

Ai has fled into a strange room to escape the butterflies, but the tiles slid up, depositing her into a dark chute. Yu stops to rest at a landing in a flight of stairs, and a third pod opens behind him, capturing him with a set of tentacles.

The Land LordEdit

FFU Episode 10 - Party Captued

Lisa and the others are apprehended by Herba.

The group, minus Chobi, are deposited onto a round carpet in a large room, with a large flower at the center. Ai screams when she sees the flower has a face, to which Herba complains was rude of her.

One of the pods opens, with Herba revealing they are searching for Omega. She is angry when a walking chair and desk appear, complaining the pods are not doing a good job. As Herba sets the Hughug on the group, Chobi appears and attacks Herba.

He is deflected and defeated by Herba. After Yu demands to know where their mother and father are, Herba calls to cactus-like men into the room who are wearing their parents' backpacks. Herba refuses to reveal where the packs come from, setting the Hughug onto them once more.

FFU Episode 10 - Kaze Returns

Kaze appears out of Herba's pod.

One of the pods opens revealing Kaze, who dispatches the cactus men and the Hughug. Spotting Herba, Kaze powers up the Magun and loads the weapon. Before Kaze is finished doing so, Herba flees and the cactus men begin running around and panicking.

Kaze summons Atomos, which sucks the mansion and all its contents into its mouth. Sagi loses his grip of Lisa, but grasps onto another ledge just out of arm's reach. He urges the group to feed Chobi a "Dead Pepper"; one of the chilies from the room Lisa found her in.

Pulling such a pepper from PoshePoket, the group sends Chobi into another wide rage. Lisa grasps hold of Sagi, and with Chobi's newfound energy, the group escapes from the winds.


FFU Episode 10 - The Sagisou

Lisa remembers the sagisou from her childhood.

After the winds die down, Lisa notes that the town, the mansion, Herba, and Kaze have all vanished and that Sagi is missing, though neither Ai nor Yu recall seeing such a person. Lisa notices a flower in the hard soil: a sagisou and recalls that when she was little, a sagisou grew near her house. She used to care for it, but had to move away and leave the flower behind. Realizing the Sagi is the spirit of the flower, she tries to apologize to the flower for not remembering her.


In this episode, only one combination of Soil is seen:

The light that brings tears to all/The fury that levels everything to the ground - Storm Blue

Absorbing all colors back where they came/The essence that erases all color - Acid Gray/Ash Gray

Collapsing into an infinity darkness/The spirit that drops into infinite darkness - Silent Black

This combination summons Atomos, a large creature that sucks a large amount of air and objects into its mouth, leveling an entire village in minutes.


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