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Mannskoen is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV.


Mannskoen and Sthalmann are seen by by the adventurer through the echo recruiting Merodaulyn to join the Seal Rock Unit, an expedition organized by the Knights of the Barracuda to explore the newly discovered Seal Rock island.[1] The adventurer later learns that the expedition ended up being attacked by Sahagin halfway and that a ship under the Kraken's Arm flag took advantage of the confusion to get to the island first.[2]

In the present when the adventurer visits the Musketeers' Guild, Reyner delivers his gun to the adventurer but Mannskoen confiscates the gun and gives a warning for delivering a weapon to a civilian. Mannskoen does not notify that he confiscated the gun and the adventurer remains in the custody of the city-state because he is officially still in possession of the gun until Reyner releases him.[1]




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His name means "Man Shining" in the Roegadyn language.


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