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Equips "Manipulate" command


Single slot. Manipulate is a Command Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide the ability Manip.. If successful, it inflicts the Manipulate status, which allows the player to control an enemy. This is required to obtain many skills for the Enemy Skill Materia, and allows the player to take advantage of an enemy's abilities. Manip. can also be equipped by Master Command.

In the pre-release versions, the menu has a scroll bar and the enemy does not glow blue and face away, instead being marked by a yellow pointer.


Manipulate is first obtained when Cait Sith has Manipulate already equipped when he joins the party. It can later be purchased at Fort Condor and Rocket Town after the player has acquired the Highwind.



Level AP required Effect
1 0 Manip.
2 40000 MASTER


Ability Effect Compatible Support Materia
Manip. Attempt to inflict Manipulate status on one target. If All, attempt to inflict Manipulate status on all targets, but only connect with one. On successive turns the user will select from commands of the enemy in the status until that enemy loses that status. Added Cut, Counter, Final Attack, HP Absorb, MP Absorb, Sneak Attack, Steal as well


Barret and Tifa using Manipulate.

The Manipulate Materia provides the Manip. command, which has its own slot.

Manip. attempts to inflict the Manipulate status. If successful, and if the enemy is not immune, a sub-command menu for the enemy will appear in which the player can use the enemy's abilities. This status is interrupted if the player damages the enemy. Manipulating enemies is required to learn the abilities Big Guard, White Wind, Death Force, Magic Hammer, Angel Whisper, and Dragon Force on the Enemy Skill Materia.

The success rate for most vulnerable enemies uses two steps. The first step is adding 50 to the user's level, and taking the target's level from the total.


So a user at level 50, against an enemy at level 35 would result in 65.

If multiple enemies are being targeted through Mega All, there is an additional step. There is less chance per enemy, as the Hit% is multiplied by 4, then divided by 5, and is then truncated to reach a whole number.

Using the first example, 65 multiplied by 4 is 260, divided by 5 is 52, a whole number.

The second step adds the random element into the math. It randomly selects a number between zero and 99, and if that number is smaller than the Hit%, the target is manipulated.

If a Hit% adds up to 100 or more, it is certain to hit. In the example used further up, if the result is any number from zero to 64, it will hit. If it is any number from 65 to 99 it will not hit. This means that there is a 65% chance it will succeed, and a 35% chance it will not. If the command is trying to target multiple enemies, the example of 52 would have a 52% chance of hitting and a 48% chance of missing.

If the target is not immune to Manipulate, does not have it already afflicted, and does not have any of the statuses that Manipulate cannot be inflicted over, there are two other ways of guaranteeing a success. If the target is weak to the element or status used, it will be inflicted, and if the HypnoCrown is equipped, it will be inflicted.

Manipulate will not work if the target is under Paralyze, Death, Stop, or Petrify, or is already being manipulated.

Manipulate can be paired with many Support Materia, though few of them are useful.