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Mandragora is an enemy in Final Fantasy VII. They attack in groups and will not attack the party until they attack them. Once a Mandragora is attacked, all Mandragoras will attack the party. They use Grass Punch as counterattack when receiving magical attacks on the character who has the lowest current MP. They use Slow Dance as counterattack when receiving physical attacks which inflicts always the Slow status ailment on the character with the lowest current HP.

They are not a threat and their HP is low enough that they can easily be dispatched. It is not a good idea to attack with magic as they have a notoriously high resistance to it and it does very weak damage. Physical attacks will defeat them quickly enough. Lasan Nuts, needed to breed chocobos, can be stolen from them.



# Formation
052 Mandragora A, Mandragora B, Mandragora C, Mandragora D
055 Row 1: Levrikon, Mandragora A, Mandragora B
Row 2: Elfadunk
056 Row 1: Chocobo
Row 2: Mandragora A, Mandragora B
057 Row 1: Mandragora, Chocobo
Row 2: Levrikon


Grasslands Area
Grass 052, 055 (Attack from both sides), 056 (A Chocobo!), 057 (A Chocobo!)

AI scriptEdit

AI: Main {

If (Mandragora's CustomVar:MandragoraAttack == 1) Then
Choose Random Opponent with Lowest HP
Use Slow Dance on Target
Mandragora's CustomVar:MandragoraAttack = 0
} Else If (Mandragora's CustomVar:MandragoraAttack == 2) Then {
Choose Random Opponent with Lowest MP
Use <Grass Punch> on Target
Mandragora's CustomVar:MandragoraAttack = 0

} AI: Counter - Physical {

All Allies' CustomVar:MandragoraAttack = 1

}: AI: Counter - Magical {

All Allies' CustomVar:MandragoraAttack = 2




Mandragora is a plant belonging to the nightshade family. According to legends surrounding witchcraft, when mandragoras (Mandrake plants) are uprooted, they emit a piercing scream which kills all who hear it.

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