The Manasvin Warmech is a boss in Final Fantasy XIII. It is fought three times—twice in a row as the game's first enemy encounter (tutorial battle), and once more in Lake Bresha. Defeating it in Chapter 1 earns the Instrument of Fate achievement.

The Cocoon script writing on Manasvin Warmech's arm reads "CA13," one of many allusions to number thirteen.

Stats[edit | edit source]

#001 (First part)

#001 (Second part)


Battle[edit | edit source]

First encounter[edit | edit source]

Sazh and Lightning face the Manasvin Warmech.

Encountered by Lightning and Sazh, the Manasvin Warmech is not only the game's first boss, but the first battle, making it straightforward. A tutorial plays at the start of the battle informing the player the battle basics. Repeatedly choosing Auto-battle and targeting the Warmech is all that is required to defeat this enemy.

After the first victory, the Warmech fights again. It utilizes a more powerful area-of-effect attack and has considerably more health, but choosing Auto-battle repeatedly will soon defeat it. There should not be a need to use Potions. The battle scores from both fights are combined.

Second encounter[edit | edit source]

This battle is more tricky than the first as Manasvin Warmech has more devastating attacks. Fought by Lightning, Snow, and Vanille, it can easily kill the party leader (Lightning) using Crystal Rain. It is wise to equip her with the Doctor's Code or Silver Bangle (found in a treasure sphere prior to the battle) for an extra 100 HP, and make Snow a Sentinel to provoke it and take the attack instead (learning Fringeward in the Crystarium also reduces damage). Lightning and Vanille should focus on attacking and staggering it, with Vanille learning Water in the Crystarium. Crystal Rain can also be canceled with a well-timed stagger.

Once staggered, the party can switch to the paradigm Aggression (COM/COM/RAV) and attack. Using Tri Disaster (RAV/RAV/RAV) to build the chain gauge up to over 400% beforehand helps. Healing can be done either with Potions or Vanille as a Medic.

AI script[edit | edit source]

Hanging Edge[edit | edit source]

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Lake Bresha[edit | edit source]

  • Turn 1 - Wave Cannon - A series of multiple, light damaging hits over a wide radius.
  • Turn 2 - Crystal Rain - Two highly powerful area of effect attacks.
  • Turn 3 - Laser Burst - Three, slow, weak hits on a single party member.
  • Turn 4 - Laser Burst - Three, slow, weak hits on a single party member.
  • Turn 5 - Laser Burst - Three, slow, weak hits on a single party member.
  • Turn 6 - Laser Burst - Three, slow, weak hits on a single party member.

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