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A figure clad in armor of deepest night, his strength beyond that of mortal man.

Edward, on Golbez

Man in Black was a continuous Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Introduction to continuous Events[]

Man in Black was the first event to use a single continuous track for all of its dungeons, whereas prior single-track events used one track that may or may not have had an identical Elite track running in parallel to it. This allowed for a broader storyline to be played than was previously possible. The Elite dungeons still exist, though not in name as with single- or dual-track events. In addition, players were required to unlock each dungeon in a linear order to advance to the next; upon clearing the last "Part 1" dungeon, "Part 2" would open, allowing players to continue the story.


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Cecil's abrupt dismissal from the Red Wings on suspicion of insubordination leaves a void in the fleet's chain of command. While he continues his journey across the globe to warn others of Baron's newfound malice as evidenced in the devastation on Mist, a cloaked man named Golbez steps into Cecil's post as Captain. Immediately, the King orders the Red Wings to seize the world's remaining crystals for a purpose still unknown.

On his quest, Cecil, protecting the child summoner Rydia, heads for a grotto north of Kaipo after finding Rosa stricken with desert fever. As he enters, he meets Tellah, a learned Sage concerned for the safety of his one and only daughter, Anna, whom has eloped with a "wicked bard" in Damcyan, which lies beyond the grotto. He cannot, however, muster the strength to face the monsters deeper within, and so requests Cecil's aid as a master of the dark blade. The three trudge through the grotto and face a giant squid-beast at the headwaters of an underground river. They slay the monster in short order, and continue to Damcyan with all due haste.

In the distance beyond, the thunder of engines and the echoes of cannon fire are heard. Arriving at the castle moments later, Cecil and the others find themselves in the aftermath of a Red Wings assault. Damcyan's Fire Crystal is captured; and Anna hovers near death as a result of the attack. Believing the bard prince to be at fault, Tellah flies into an uncontrollable rage and attacks him. Anna intervenes with her last breaths, and informs the party that because she was in love with the bard, she chose to shield him, taking a poisoned arrow meant for him. The bard, Edward, though overcome with deep sorrow, witnessed the man in the black cloak during the attack. Tellah, in his turn, vows vengeance, and leaves the party.

This event takes place as the search for Golbez has only just begun.

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