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Mamool Ja Knights are unique enemies introduced in Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan. They are Mamool Ja Paladins mounted on the back of a Wivre, but are treated as a single creature. As a result, they are considered to be both a Mamool Ja Paladin and a Wivre in terms of game mechanics, and fall under both the Lizard and Beastmen families.

All Mamool Ja Knights are Notorious Monsters.

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Lancelord Gaheel Ja
  • Mamool Ja Hussar
  • Searing Vogaal Ja

Special Attacks[]

  • Battehorn: Cone Attack and Knockback.
  • Blazing Angon: AoE Fire damage.
  • Boiling Blood: Haste and Berserk effects.
  • Clobber: Cone Attack.
  • Crippling Slam: High Cone damage and Paralyze.
  • Demoralizing Roar: AoE Attack down.
  • Fire Angon: AoE Fire damage.
  • Granite Hide: Immunity to physical attacks from the front.
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