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Malmalam Thicket


Malmalam Thicket is a forested dungeon in Final Fantasy XV situated in the Cleigne region by following a path west from the Maidenwater river. It hosts a campground inside and a royal tomb at the end.

After the party agrees to take Iris Amicitia to Cape Caem in Chapter 6, the party suggests visiting the area that leads to the thicket when they drive past. Iris joins the player as a guest at this point, and can thus accompany the party to Malmalam Thicket as well. There is a Bandersnatch at the end of the dungeon. Doing the quest for the dungeon yields 3,000 EXP and the Scepter of the Pious.

The About the Kings of Yore document in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades posits that royal tombs were erected as a memorial to the king or queen who claimed that land in the name of Lucis, suggesting the forest was joined in Lucis during the rule of the Pious.

In the vicinity of the thicket the player can find the House of Hexes where Kimya Auburnbrie resides.

If the player completes Malmalam Thicket before driving past it with Iris in Chapter 6, the party will still want to steer from the main road to check the place out, even if they have already been there.



South from the entrance to the forest, on piled up firewood by the shack where Kimya Auburnbrie lives.

Densely grown jungle feared by many as the alleged home of "the Witch of the Woods." Hunters hoping to venture inside and verify the claims for themselves have been met with resistance from the higher-ups at Meldacio HQ, who forbid any of their employees to enter the forest.
Researchers, however, are free to explore the forest as they please, and many have written extensively about the flora and fauna found therein. The thicket is rich with rare ingredients like the malshroom and other plants used in herbal medicine. The abundance of elemental mineral deposits also seems to suggest an environment ideally suited for magical synthesis—a strong reason behind the aforementioned rumors.
Others have reported sightings of an enormous unidentified beast dwelling in the heart of he grove, but such assertions have been dismissed as mere hallucinations caused by toxic spores floating throughout the forest. Nevertheless, those with penchant for the fantastic insist the monster is real, spreading word about "the Witch's pet" to all who will listen.


Clearing the dungeon[]

The Giant Crab Pincers are near the entrance, followed by the Thunderbolt greatswords a little further in (Map). The player will run into Mandrakes in a forested corridor. Flame Tongue is a good weapon to use against them. Further in the party encounters Soldier Wasps that use swooping stinging attacks and gas that confuses party members. The player can use Remedies or Smelling Salts or equip a Rainbow Pendant. Ice, spears and daggers work well against them.

There are Malmashrooms on the side of the first clearing, as well as a Prismatic Shard next to it. Further ahead there are three more Wasps and a treasure spot that can be one of three treasures: Sapphire Bracelet (25%) / Pendulum (25%) / Prismatic Shard. This treasure spot is next to a rock alongside the path that leads from the glade to the stream.

There is a campground in the thicket amid a stream, and elemental deposits for all three elements. Resting at the haven respawns the enemies, but lets the player heal and buff. From this area the north leads to the end of the dungeon, and south leads to a dead end. There is an Oracle Ascension Coin behind the fire deposit.

Star Pendant/Golden Hourglass location.

Heading upstream finds a Gigantoad, Soldier Wasp, two Mandrakes and two Shieldshears. It is best to fell the wasp first. The far side behind the lightning deposit has a random treasure that can be Star Pendant (25%) / Golden Hourglass (25%) / Hi-Elixir (50%). Above the sloping stream the player climbed up finds a platform to the side holding Delta Daggers. Up the waterfall slope finds a Moon Pendant on the left. The player can head up the ridge on the right to get to the end of the dungeon that has a level 38 Bandersnatch.

The Bandersnatch is weak to spears and lightning, making Storm Lance a good weapon for the battle. Attacking the tail or legs can stun it before assaulting the face with the Armiger. When it spins it whips its tail about before charging, and will often follow up with a powerful side bash. The player can warp high up to a tree.

There is a royal tomb at the end that holds the Scepter of the Pious. Collecting it yields 3,000 EXP.

The Witch of the Woods[]

The Witch of the WoodsHouse of HexesComplete "Mountains of Misfortune" and visit Verinas Mart - Ravatogh tipster in Chapter 82,500 EXP, Mega Phoenix x10

Dave found near the Malmalam Thicket.

Dave's last quest has him go missing, and the tipster at Verinas Mart - Ravatogh asks the party to look for him. Dave is found near Malmalam Thicket, marveling at a sign that forbids hunters from entering. The player needs to talk to Kimya Auburnbrie at the House of Hexes nearby who directs the party to the depths of Malmalam Thicket to find the dog tags. After defeating the boss at the end of the woofs, the party can find the tags to the left of the tomb. Dave is found in Meldacio Hunter HQ to yield his final reward.


All times[]

Malmalam MirageOld Lestallum1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Bandersnatch x1Malmalam Thicket (All Times)5113,500 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★★


Blobs AshoreOld Lestallum1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Gelatin x3Malmalam Thicket (Nighttime)355,920 gil, Titanium Bangle★★★



Enemies fought here are between levels 28 to 38 during the daytime. At night the player faces low level imps and flan and one Lv.30 naga.

Nocturnal monsters.

Gelatin are fought in Malmalam Thicket as part of the "Blobs Ashore" hunt available from the Old Lestallum.

Other appearances[]

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