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Cornucopia FF7

This handy tool, called a gavel by some artificers, is said to have once been used to restore order in courtrooms in ancient times.

Final Fantasy XII description

The Mallet (うちでの小槌, Uchide no Kozuchi?), also known as Cornucopia, is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy, usually with the effect of healing Mini.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy II Edit

Cures amnesia.

Effect Cures Amnesia.
Buy All item shops
Find Kashuan Keep, Castle Deist
Drop Mantis King, Chimera Brain
Cost 2,000 G
60 gil

Final Fantasy III Edit

Effect Cures Mini or causes it if not already afflicted.
Buy Village of the Ancients and beyond
Find Canaan and beyond
Steal Pugman, Blood Bat
Drop Pugman, Blood Bat
Cost 100 gil

Final Fantasy IV Edit

Cures Mini

Effect Cures Mini.
Buy Mythril, and most shops in the Underworld
Drop Fangshell (2D and 3D), Devil's Castanet (2D and 3D), Electrofish (2D and 3D), Treant (2D and 3D), Elder Treant (2D and 3D), Mortblossom (2D and 3D), Blood Flower (2D and 3D)
Cost 80 gil

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

Mallet is an item that cures Mini. It can be bought in Baron and Mist Cave (Ceodore's Tale), dropped by Devil's Castanet, Fangshell, Electrofish, Elder Treant, Blood Flower, Treant, and Mortblossom, and found in Mist Cave and Cave of Eblan (Final).

Final Fantasy V Edit

Removes mini status.

Also called Cornucopia
Effect Cures Mini.
Buy Carwen and beyond.
Steal Liquid Flame, Biblos
Drop Shade Dancer
Cost 50 gil

Final Fantasy VII Edit

Cures [Small]

Effect Cures Mini.
Buy North Corel, Gold Saucer, Cosmo Canyon, Gongaga, Nibelheim, Mideel, Bone Village, Corel Prison
Cost 150 gil

Final Fantasy XII Edit

The Mallet is a rare loot that can only be stolen from the Bombshell Rare Game or poached Purobolos. A Mallet is also a reward item received from Montblanc after defeating the King Bomb.

Final Fantasy XIII Edit

The Mallet removes the Fog status from one ally. It can be bought for 100 gil from Unicorn Mart after reaching the Palamecia.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

Removes Fog from one ally.


Mallet removes Fog from one ally. It can be bought from Chocolina's shop for 100 gil. It sells for 50 gil.

Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

The Mallet cures Mini status.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Edit

Mallet is a trade accessory that has a 20% chance of breaking when equipped, and must be obtained from the Inward Chaos bonus reel before it can can be obtained through Battlegen at Ultimecia's Castle. It is used to make machine equipment.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Edit

This silver component forms at M.S. Prima Vista.


The Mallet is a trade accessory, obtained through Battlegen at the M.S. Prima Vista, after completing the 013: Light to All story mode.

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

Uchide no kozuchi is a legendary Japanese "magic hammer" which can "tap out" anything wished for. In Issun-bōshi ("One-Inch Boy"), the hero gains the mallet defeating an oni and amass wealth, while in modern embellishments, he even transforms himself into full adult-size.

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