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Malikah's Well is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.


Mourning the loss of her beloved, the queen of Nabaath Areng commanded a great well be built in his memory, its waters offering respite from the sweltering heat. In more recent years, the well was transformed into an excavation site by the miners of Amh Araeng. It has long since fallen into disuse, yet the presence of Light emanating from within is unmistakable. What horrors await at the trolley tracks' end in the depths of this massive reservoir?

Duty Finder description


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  • Royal Bladebearer
  • Well Armadillo
  • Royal Cupbearer
  • Well Lizard
  • Greater Armadillo
    • Pack Armadillo
  • Royal Custard
  • Well Huldu
  • Well Phoebad
  • Amphibious Talos
  • Forgiven Grudge
  • Forgiven Bribery
  • Forgiven Vainglory
  • Forgiven Indecency
  • Lightwarden: Storge
    • Rhapsodic Nail

Musical themes[]

"Deep Down", an arrangement of the main Amh Araeng theme "Sands of Amber", plays at all times in Malikah's Well except during boss battles.

Prior to Patch 5.2, "Persistence" played while fighting the Greater Armadillo and the Amphibious Talos. As of Patch 5.2, an arrangement of "Insatiable" from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT plays during these fights, while the original version of "Insatiable" plays during the battle with Storge.