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The Escort Guard, a male-exclusive armor.

Male-exclusive equipment (男性キャラ専用, Dansei Kyara Senyou?) is a recurring subset of equipment for male characters. Like the Final Fantasy series sometimes subsumes sets of female-exclusive equipment, the games less often include male-exclusive sets of equipment. In some games, male-exclusive sets are related to male-only jobs or races.


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Blue Armor is equipable by all males, except for Calca. The player will need to trade the Blue Tail to get the Blue Armor from Tail Collector. This armor provides 45 Defense, 25 Magic Defense, and -10% evasion. It increases Strength and Stamina by 5, and makes the wearer strong against dragon, machine, and giant attacks.

Final Fantasy VII[]

The Escort Guard is found in the Gelnika, and can be equipped by Cloud, Barret, Red XIII, Cait Sith, Vincent, and Cid. It gives 62 defense, 55 magic defense, and has six linked Materia slots. It is slightly more physically-oriented and less magically-oriented than its female-exclusive counterpart, the Minerva Band.

Final Fantasy XI[]

All race-exclusive equipment for Galka is de facto male-exclusive as well as Galka are a male-only race.

Besides Galka equipment, male-exclusive equipment is entirely cosmetic; male-exclusive armor either has a female counterpart with the same stats but different styling, offers only token statistical bonuses and is worn for looks, or both.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Though there are several categories of female-exclusive equipment, the only male-exclusive equipment are the harps, the weapons for the male-only Bard job class. Each harp has a special effect it performs on attack. The Lamia's Harp may cause Confuse, the Bloodstring Harp drains HP, and the Fairie Harp may cause Charm. Unlike the female-exclusive equipment, which can generally be worn by any character regardless of job class, harps are specific to Bards.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima[]

There are Champion Jewels that allow Lann and Reynn, while in Lilikin form, to take on the appearances of Champions, as well as being granted several abilities. Champion Jewels from male Champions can only be equipped by Lann.