The Malboro, also known as the Molbol, is an enemy in Final Fantasy IV. One of Malboro's special abilities is Bad Breath, which it uses it as an opening attack and only affects one party member. Bad Breath causes multiple status effects, such as Toad, Mini, Berserk, Poison, and many others. However, if the target is immune to at least one of the above statuses, then it will not be affected by any of the statuses afflicted. Helpfully, Malboros may drop or be mugged for Remedies, which act as a panacea for these ailments.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Malboro" may derive from the Japanese onomatopoeia boro, the sound of an upset stomach. The word mal, means something bad or illness. The name could also be a reference to Marlboro Cigarettes, since the creatures often spew horrid fumes.

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