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Malbodoom is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Chapter 15. It is found outside the Pitioss Ruins and the Daurell Caverns and Crestholm Channels mazes, as well as during the sidequest Dreadful Legend for Randolph (which yields a Malboro Tentacle and rewards a Dragoon Lance). Malbodooms are fought alongside malboros in a Timed Quest every 14th of a month at Cape Caem shore (after Ch.11). Defeating them yields 100 QP.


Subspecies of malboro residing on Lucian soil. Scientists speculate this bluish variant is a direct descendant of the Niflheim species, but imperial scientific agencies have refused to cooperate with their counterparts in the kingdom, effectively blocking all research.
Size: 43.47 ft. Weight: 227.24 t
Malbodoom that appeared in great number outside of Cape Caem in southern Cleigne. Scientists have yet to discern why this specimen showed up so far from its natural habitat—nor why it was spotted alongside what appeared to be a swarm of its Niflheim-born cousins. Some anti-imperialists have suggested the malbodoom's presence on kingdom soil is the work of the empire—a new form of biological warfare.
Size: 43.07 ft. Weight: 224.33 t
Malbodoom that has extended its tendrils throughout the depths of the Daurell Caverns. Although comparatively common among the Lucian malboro variants, many mysteries remain about its mode of life. The only definitive conclusion biologists have drawn about this specimen is that its power greatly exceeds that of its progenitor.
Size: 45.57 ft. Weight: 228.43 t




Timed Quest


Malbodoom and its young from FFXV

Malbodoom and its young.

A malbodoom is fought in the Vesperpool during the sidequest Dreadful Legend. During this battle it is accompanied by several malboro brats. Any surviving brats will leave once the malbodoom has been defeated. Because they are all in water, the battle is easy with ice elemancy that freezes it.

Malbodooms are weak to fire and resist ice. The Lv.85 variants are weak to greatswords, but the Lv.65 variant resists greatswords and is weak to daggers instead.

Their breath attack deals heavy damage and inflicts various status ailments. The player can tell they are about to use the attack when they start inhaling. It is best to get behind it/away from it as soon as it starts inhaling. They also lunge at the party for physical damage. They roar at the sky and flail around to spread noxious slime around themselves. Rarely, they chomp Noctis down into their big mouths and chew on him before spitting him back out, giving the player a brief counter prompt.


Equipping Star Pendants or bringing a stockpile of Antidotes will help with Poison, while Rainbow Pendants and Smelling Salts will help with Confusion. Ribbons protect against all ailments and Resilient food buff immunizes against everything besides Instant Death. An easy recipe the party can get Resilient from is Beanball Croquettes, but some others also have it.

The player should ignore the brats (due to their high health) and focus on the malbodoom. The easiest way to tackle Randolph's quest at the Vesperpool is to use blizzard and the water freezes the malbodoom and the brats in place (the player should point-warp to a rock and use the magic flask from there to avoid being frozen still as well). The malboros are immobilized and the player can get behind the malbodoom and keep attacking while it cannot retaliate. When the water thaws, the player can head back to the rock and use more blizzard magic. The party members will be frozen in the ice so the player will need to do everything as just Noctis.

If not using blizzard, Noctis should still be positioned away from the malbodoom's mouth to best avoid its attacks; positioning behind malbodoom for blind-side attacks is effective.

Gladiolus's Dawnhammer is a quick and powerful Technique that can inflict high damage along with a followup attack from Noctis. Ignis's Overwhelm and Enhancement are similarly useful: Overwhelm is potentially more useful for those who don't have break damage limit for Gladiolus, and has a longer animation, which can be exploited when malbodoom uses its Bad Breath attacks as the party is invincible during the Technique; Enhancement can increase the damage Noctis can inflict, but the player should ensure they are targeting the malbodoom and not a malboro brat when selecting Enhancement, as they have different elemental weaknesses. Noctis's Armiger is recommended when possible.

The player should summon an Astral if given the option.



Stinker Malbodoom

Stinker: Malbodoom.

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