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Makoto Obinata is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is a member of the Sekiseigumi peace keeping group in Kugane[1]. Makoto and her older brother Ugetsu were born into a notable samurai family from Bukyo[2].


Makoto is introduced to the Warrior of Light by Momozigo, who tells him that the lady had come calling for Master Musosai. The Warrior meets with and informs her of the events that lead to his death, including that they are his last pupil. Makoto then introduces herself as a member of the Sekiseigumi, the peacekeeping force of Kugane. She travels with the Warrior to the Silver Bazaar to pay her respects before Musosai's grave, where she reveals her reason for coming to Eorzea was to enlist Musosai's aid in combatting insurgents lead by his wayward pupil Ugetsu. Since he is no longer of the living, she must return empty-handed.

Some time later, she has sent a letter addressed to the Warrior to the hands of Momozigo, which reveals that the Sekiseigumi are fighting a losing battle against Ugetsu, and begs for the Warrior to assist her and her comrades. She is later encountered caught in ambush by the insurgents, which she is able to overcome with the timely aid of the Warrior, though her comrade did not share the same luck.



Makoto is a female midlander Hyur with black hair and blue eyes. She wears the red and white Sekiseigumi uniform.