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Mako Reactor 5 is a field map in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is explored by a party of Cloud Strife, Barret Wallace, and Tifa Lockhart as they attempt to plant the bomb in and then flee the reactor.

The field is seen only in Chapter 7, "A Trap Is Sprung". Though the path to mako storage to plant the bomb is simple, the path back through the facilities is more complex. Along the way, the party complete objectives to weaken Airbuster before fighting it at the end.


The Mako Reactor 5 field comprises nine sections, floors B1-8, and the Front Gate. The party enter through the Perimeter Passageway on floor B1, with a pipe on the west slide leading straight down to the Armory at the bottom of the Utility Access.

Utility Access[]

Descending the pipe in Mako Reactor 5 from FFVII Remake.jpg

Spread over floors B1-B3, the Utility Access is first visited during "Reach Mako Storage". It is identical to that in Mako Reactor 1: a staircase around a structure connects to the elevator at the top. However, the staircase here is blocked off, and metal pipes lead to the bottom floor.

When returned to during "Storm the Gates", stairways through the Utility Access grant a path up to an elevator to the Front Gate. On B3, a chest with a bottle of ether is found. On B2, Monodrives are fought.


Airbuster in storage from FFVII Remake.jpg

The Armory is at the bottom of the Utility Access. At the northeast is a treasure chest with three hi-potions, and to the south is a path to the Mako Reactor Control Room and then to the scaffolding above mako storage.

On returning during "Sentenced to Death", riot troopers, elite riot troopers, and elite grenadiers are fought. Defeating them creates a path up when "Storm of the Gates" begins, after first running past Tifa near the pipe, and then defeating a Cutter.

Mako Storage[]

Mako storage.

The Reactor Core Bottom Level - Main Bridge is located in floor B8. A path leads down across ladders and passageways to the core at the bottom, which is identical to that of Mako Reactor 1. This path is spread across floors B5-B8.

The Reactor Core Upper Level - Light Bridge on B5 contains Monodrives and Slug-Rays fought on the way, as well as treasure chest contains a bottle of ether. A ladder then leads to the Reactor Core Mid-Level - Center Bridge on B6, where two Sweepers and a Laser Cannon are fought, and a ladder leads down to the Reactor Core Lower Level - Left-Side Bridge on B7. This contains a treasure chest on the far end with a bulletproof vest, and a ladder down to core.

Reactor Core Bottom Level - Main Bridge (also labeled Sector 5 Reactor - Core on-screen) on B8 is the location of the core. After interacting with the core, "Escape from the Reactor" commences, the ladder is removed, an elite shock trooper and two shock troopers appear, and a door opens to the B8 Facilities.



The Facilities areas, labeled onscreen as the Mako Reactor 5 - Assembly Plant, are visited during "Sentenced to Death". They are spread over floors B4-B8. In the facilities labs, consoles allow items for Airbuster to be disposed of, that will either weaken its performance, or can be sold for treasure. These items are later found in the Waste Storage.

The B8 Facilities are entered through a door from Reactor Core Bottom Level - Main Bridge. This comprises a narrow hallway with a switch at the end to open a door into the first of many rooms, where security officers and elite security officers are fought. The room also contains a terminal in the northeast of the room, a Sector 5 reactor keycard on the west end that activates a terminal on the east end to remove an Airbuster's M unit, and a terminal at the northwest end of the room to open a door with a ramp leading up to B7.

At Connecting Passageway stairway on B7, Monodrives and Laser Cannons are fought on the way, and the ramp leads to the B7 Facilities lab room. Here, security officers and elite grenadiers are fought, and the room contains a Sector 5 reactor keycard on the west as well as two consoles. The console on the left is used to dispose an AI programming core, and the console on the right disposes a big bomber shell.

On B6, an elite shock trooper and two Laser Cannons are fought in its Connecting Passageway. The B6 Facilities contains security officers and elite security officers, and three terminals: one disposing of an AI programming core, one disposing of a big bomber shell, and one disposing of an M-unit. The Sector 5 reactor keycard is found on the lefthand side of the room.

The B5 Connecting Passageway has no enemies, and a chest with a pair of Sonic Strikers Sonic Strikers for Tifa (if already collected, this is replaced with a potion on returning via chapter select). The B5 Facilities room contains elite grenadiers and elite security officers. The Sector 5 reactor keycard is located on the east side of the room, and the room has four consoles: an M-unit, two AI programming cores, and a big bomber shell. The door then leads out to a hallway where elite shock troopers are fought, and a door leads back to the Mako Reactor Control Room, presenting a route to the top.

Front Gate[]

Lever minigame in Security Ops.

Reached through an elevator from Utility Access during "Storm the Gates", the Front Gate comprises the Gate Office, Security Ops, Waste Storage, and Gate Passageway.

The Gate Office has a door leading out to the Gate Passageway, initially blocked until opened by a security lever. This can be disabled from the Security Ops, located right of the Gate Office, and the door to it is opened after interacting with the Gate Office terminal. On the way to the Gate Passageway after the door has been opened is a bench and a vending machine; the machine sells the Music discBombing Mission music disc.

The Security Ops terminal contains the lever minigame for the Main Scenario quest "Disable the Emergency Lock", as well as the Discovery quest "Waste Recovery". Completing the latter sidequests opens a door to the Waste Storage, containing a variety of items including those that had been disposed of from the Airbuster.

The Gate Passageway is where Airbuster is fought.


All quests take place during chapter 7, "A Trap Is Sprung". The first three quests involve very little combat, as the party make their way to the core at mako storage. In "Sentenced to Death", a variety of Shinra soldiers are fought as the party makes their way through the Facilities and disposes of components for Airbuster, leading to the fight. In "Storm the Gates", the party must leave the reactor to fight Airbuster, though a detour is taken in "Disable the Emergency Lock" in which a lever minigame must be completed to leave.

"Waste Recovery" is an optional quest in which the lever minigame is completed again to obtain a variety of items, notably including Magic Up Materia Magic Up Materia.


Enemy Area
Monodrive Reactor Core Upper Level - Light Bridge

Connecting Passageway (B7)
Utility Access (B2)

Slug-Ray Reactor Core Upper Level - Light Bridge
Sweeper Reactor Core Mid-Level - Center Bridge
Laser Cannon Reactor Core Mid-Level - Center Bridge

Connecting Passageway (B7)

Shock Trooper Reactor Core Bottom Level - Main Bridge
Elite Shock Trooper Reactor Core Bottom Level - Main Bridge

Connecting Passageway (B6)
Connecting Passageway (B5)

Security Officer B8 Facilities

B7 Facilities
B6 Facilities

Elite Security Officer B8 Facilities

B6 Facilities
B5 Facilities

Elite Grenadier B7 Facilities

B5 Facilities

Riot Trooper Armory
Elite Riot Trooper Armory
Cutter Armory

The enemies fought in the reactor varies based on the current quest.

At the end of the dungeon, Airbuster is fought as a boss.


Item Area
3 Hi-Potion Armory
Ether Reactor Core Upper Level - Light Bridge

Utility Access (B3)

Bulletproof Vest Reactor Core Lower Level - Left-Side Bridge
Sonic Strikers Sonic Strikers Connecting Passageway (B5)

Completing "Waste Recovery" allows a variety of items to be obtained from the Waste Storage room. The Music discBombing Mission disc is also available from a vending machine.