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Mako Reactor 1 is the first field map in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is explored by a party of Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace as they make their way through the reactor, fighting many Shinra Electric Power Company guards and machines.

The field is seen only in Chapter 1, "The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1". The field is straightforward with a linear map to mako storage, and several enemies encountered along the way. Jessie Rasberry helps guide Cloud through the later portions of the reactor. At the end of the map, Scorpion Sentinel is fought, and the group must flee the reactor in the allotted time.



Mako Reactor 1 comprises both the exterior grounds outside the reactor, and the interior. On the reactor grounds is the North Edge Station and an area leading inside. In the entrance room, after taking an elevator down to a series of vast rooms and piping, scaffolding is traversed to reach the core at the bottom.


The Station is the first area in the game and visited as soon as the opening movie finishes. Here, Cloud fights two security officers at the beginning. On the bottom floor is the Ticket Gates, comprising a single stone platform and the first floor of the station located on the far end of the platform.

At the end of the platform is the entrance to the first floor of the station itself. A few security officers are fought inside, and some crates can be smashed for items. The bottom level has several enemies, and a staircase leads up to the upper station area.

After going through the station's upstairs area, Cloud exits on to the upper station area. Here, Cloud heads north to join with the members of Avalanche, and after meeting up with them, travels to the Reactor Grounds.

Storage Area[]

Known as the "Reactor Grounds" in the quest name, this is a walled-off area reached from the station, comprising a few metal structures across a stone floor. Along the way, Cloud fights several more security officers and guard dogs to reach a narrow building in the center of the area resembling a bunker. Following this is a winding series of areas and construction work leading to a short yet tall hallway. At the end of this hallway is a switch, which opens up into the walkway outside the reactor.

Gate Passageway[]

The walkway with different entrances, each leading to Sector 8, the reactor, and Sector 1 (left to right)

The walkway outside the reactor is used to access the Mako Reactor 1 interior. On first visit, Wedge splits from the rest of the team to watch the escape route Wedge at the Mako Reactor 1 escape route from FFVII Remake, and on second visit, the escape route is taken to Sector 8.


Elevator through the view of a security camera.

The interior is a set of joined rooms with terminals, and the doors between the room are locked until their codes are deciphered by Biggs and Jessie respectively. At the end is an elevator down to the Utility Access.

Utility Access[]

Lasers guarding the utility access.

The utility access contains a large staircase. A staircase is used to descend from the main structure in the center to the floor of the room, where a door leads to the hall into the mako storage. While descending the structure, several lasers must be avoided on the first try, by running through them once they are deactivated.


Armory with sweeper units (bottom).

At the bottom, several sweeper units are found parked alongside the walls, and a few of them must be fought here before traveling further into the Mako Storage area.

Mako Storage[]

Mako Storage core.

Around the Mako Storage, large scaffolding lining the walls above the large core must be traversed to reach the bottom.

The highest platform is located in the south of the large core area, and a ladder to the west leads to a long platform. Just before the end of the long platform are stairs to the immediate east leading to a platform not connected to the wall and has two ladders both leading downwards.

The ladder immediately visible from the stairs leads downwards to a long straight platform that bisects the reactor leading to a platform connected to the eastern wall. South of that platform are stairs leading downwards to a platform attached to the southeast and south walls. Just before the end of that platform are stairs leading down to the core, the lowest platform of mako storage.

The other ladder is accessible by turning right from the stairs and reaching the platform's south end. When going down the ladder, reaching the platform below, and facing south, wood scaffolding is present and leads to a small platform by the southern wall. A ladder upwards is present, which also leads to another small platform with a ladder leading upwards. This ladder leads to wood scaffolding near the highest platform. The two footings aren't connected but are near enough for one to jump off from the wood scaffolding onto the metal platform.

The core at the bottom of Mako Storage is where Cloud and Barret plant the bomb and fight the Scorpion Sentinel. The core itself is located on the second of two platforms, and is surrounded by metallic pipes and heavy machinery. The large platforms comprise the battle area where Scorpion Sentinel is fought.


All quests in Mako Reactor 1 occur in the first chapter of the game, "The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1". Cloud Strife is controlled for the majority of these quests, but Barret Wallace joins from the quest "Breach Security" and onwards.

The objective of the quests in the chapter is to plant the bomb in and destroy Mako Reactor 1, and all quests are fairly linear with combat encounters along the way. At the end of "Set the Charge", a boss battle takes place against Scorpion Sentinel. Once defeated, the party must flee in "Escape the Reactor".


Area Enemies
Mako Reactor 1
Mako Reactor 1 - Interior
Mako Reactor 1 - Utility Access
Mako Reactor 1 - Core


Items Location
Mako Reactor 1
Potion x2 Potions treasure in Mako Reactor 1 train station from FFVII Remake Above the station, just after climbing the staircase
Grenade x2 Grenades treasure above Mako Reactor 1 train station from FFVII Remake Above the station, behind the stair railing, beside some vending machines
Ether x1 Inside the Reactor Grounds, its first portion, in a narrow space to the north
Potion x2 Potions treasure in Mako Reactor 1 area with a forklift and crates from FFVII Remake Wide area with a forklift and crates, just before the switch
Mako Reactor 1 - Interior
Phoenix Down x1 Phoenix Down treasure in Mako Reactor 1 - Interior from FFVII Remake In front of the elevator leading to Utility Access
Mako Reactor 1 - Utility Access
Potion x2 Potions treasure in Mako Reactor 1 - Utility Access from FFVII Remake After passing through all the lasers, before the stairs
Ether x1 Ether treasure in Mako Reactor 1 - Utility Access from FFVII Remake After Jessie introduces the sweeper, turn around and head for the left of the staircase
Phoenix Down x1 Phoenix Down treasure in Mako Reactor 1 - Utility Access from FFVII Remake Above the core area, after climbing down the first ladder, head to the end of the platform
Ether x1 Ether treasure ladder above the lowest platform in Mako Reactor 1 from FFVII Remake One ladder above the lowest platform, to the west
Potion x2 Potion treasure final in Mako Reactor 1 from FFVII Remake After separating from Barret to help Jessie remove a piece of debris, climbing down the ladder, and walking on the wood scaffolding, the chest is located in front of the first ladder leading upwards.