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Maker[note 1] is a term referring to the being that created the fal'Cie in Final Fantasy XIII and is said to have created the worlds of Gran Pulse and Cocoon.

The term "Maker" does not refer to one deity in particular. For the fal'Cie of Cocoon, their maker is Lindzei, while for Gran Pulse fal'Cie, their maker is Pulse. It is implied both lots of fal'Cie wish to be reunited with their respective makers. Another figure the term may refer to is Bhunivelze, the god who created Pulse, Lindzei and Etro, and thus is the creator of the world and all living things through his three offspring. The Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega further confirms that the fal'Cie are looking for their respective gods, further implying that "Maker" does not refer to a single being.


Analects – XI. Hypothesis of the Hunt
We've long held the goal of the fal'Cie's endless excavations to be the expansion of the world's inhabitable space-the creation of new lands with which to honor the gods. But I contend this to be false. Their methods lack the order one would expect if that were their purpose, and what's more, the gods they would honor have long since departed this world.
I propose a different explanation: the fal'Cie are hunting. Whether they seek a way to recall the gods or to journey to their side I cannot say, but I do believe the fal'Cie seek their lost deities. They search the earth, the skies, the waters, and even the deep places, seeking a gateway to the Divine.
-- On the Nature of fal'Cie


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The main scheme of the Cocoon fal'Cie, overseen by Barthandelus, is to destroy Cocoon to call the Maker back into the world. The fal'Cie believe the Maker has gone past Etro's gate to the unseen realm where the dead depart to. By killing millions of people at once the fal'Cie believe the surge of souls flowing through the gate would "throw it wide open". While they attempted it in the past, the scheme was foiled by Etro's intervention.

The fal'Cie have a common goal of finding the door to the invisible world, but the Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega suggests that even if they found it, they might not find their Maker; the gods could have manipulated the fal'Cie to search for the gate because the gods themselves wish to find it.

Lightning and her companions do not know about the Maker until they encounter Cid Raines in the Fifth Ark, who explains the fal'Cie want to use Cocoon as a sacrifice to get the Maker to return. The fal'Cie cannot destroy Cocoon themselves for they are bound to its creation and maintenance, so instead they use l'Cie branded by Pulse fal'Cie as tools with the Focus to destroy it in their place.

Later, Barthandelus presents them with a choice—they can either allow Cocoon to destroy itself from within through the conflicts between the Pulsian beasts, the Cavalry and PSICOM, or defeat Orphan, the fal'Cie that holds Cocoon in place above Gran Pulse, and allow the world to die painlessly. Upon return to Eden they discover crystal dust in the air that signifies the appearance of Etro's gate and Barthandelus sees it as a sign of the Maker's return.

When the party destroys Barthandelus they awaken Orphan who forces them into fighting it. After Orphan's destruction, Fang and Vanille save Cocoon by becoming Ragnarok and erecting a crystal structure to stop Cocoon from crashing into Gran Pulse.

Fang and Vanille remain in crystal stasis within the pillar and are safely removed from its core as the pillar shatters hundreds of years later and Cocoon is finally destroyed. Though his plan to open Etro's gate is similar to the fal'Cie's, Caius Ballad's goal is to kill Etro, which he succeeds on by having his Heart of Chaos destroyed. The balance between the mortal world and the unseen world is broken, Etro's gate shatters, and the chaos of Valhalla bleeds into Gran Pulse, in time transforming it into Nova Chrysalia. This awakens the god Bhunivelze, the Maker of the fal'Cie deities Pulse, Lindzei, and Etro. Like the fal'Cie of Cocoon wished would happen by calling for their Maker, Bhunivelze plans to create a new world after Nova Chrysalia will be destroyed, but he needs the help of a savior to guide the souls of humanity to it.

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  1. Before the international release, Maker was incorrectly romanized as Moktar.