FFU Makenshi

Makenshi (魔剣士, lit. Magic Fencer), real name Kumo (雲, Kumo), is one of the two main characters in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Shrouded in mystery, Makenshi serves as a Gaudium Lord for the finicky Earl Tyrant. However, Makenshi has another name, spoken only from the lips of Kaze, who knows him as "White Cloud" (白い雲, Shiroi Kumo). An Unlimited from the long-destroyed realm of Misteria, Makenshi used the linear motion of his Maken ("Magic Sword") as a channel of the power of Mist and his Sword Dragons to fight. His very breath emits mist so he keeps it under control with his face-mask in order to prevent it from becoming activated under normal circumstances. Makenshi was voiced by J. Shanon Weaver in the English version and Akira Ishida in the Japanese version.



Final Fantasy Unlimited After Spiral 0 and FFU: Before

Much of Makenshi's past is revealed as he was a prince during his childhood and learned his swordsmanship from his older brother and only friend at the time, Madoushi. However, as Makenshi wanted to learn the sword to catch up to his brother, he actually excelled him and thus drove a wedge between them. When Chaos attacked his world, Makenshi retreated to Winderia where he rescued a injured Aura, whose beauty he appreciated, and meets Kaze. Aiding Kaze, Makenshi turned into a Sword-Dragon and battled Chaos Gun-Dragon over Sadoshima on Earth. In the end, Makenshi placed Kaze in sleep and eventually forwarded his services to Earl Tyrant to learn more about Chaos. He sought this knowledge so he could find out Chaos' weaknesses, in order to restore the world to a place of peace, unmarred by Chaos' tyranny.

Final Fantasy Unlimited

Makenshi seems to be indifferent to Earl Tyrant’s ambitions, choosing to fight on his whim in terms of Kaze, who sees Makenshi as his sole enemy now. After retrieving a huge part of Omega, the Earl promoted him to the status of Lord of Gaudium, replacing Fungus who died a while later. When the final battle began, Makenshi returned the favor to Kaze by possessing Chaos himself. After GunDragon and Chaos-SwordDragon killed each other, Makenshi was unconscious, but Crux took him away. He found himself on Sylvia with his Mist power gone as he found the remnants of Misteria.

Final Fantasy Unlimited After

Makenshi and Crux appear on Earth, joining the party and helps Lisa protect the twins from Soljashy, and Kaze. Before the events of Final Fantasy Unlimited After 2, Makenshi obtains the mist power of his brother. Crux gains the ability to transform into the Cross Sword, which Makenshi uses in combination with his own blade. During the final fight, Makenshi reveals that his goal is not order like the others, but rather a world where people can express themselves freely without fear of Chaos. He accompanies Kaze into the gateway to finish the fight with Chaos once and for all.


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