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Template:FFU character Makenshi, also known as real name Shiroi Kumo (White Cloud), is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Makenshi is initially played as a villain of the series, working for Earl Tyrant and his Lords. An Unlimited from the long-destroyed realm of Misteria, Makenshi used the linear motion of his Maken ("Magic Sword") as a channel of the power of Mist in order to summon his Sword Dragons. His very breath emits mist so he wears a mask to filter it, thus removing the chance that the Mist would activate under normal conditions. Makenshi was voiced by J. Shanon Weaver in the English version and Akira Ishida in the Japanese version.

He has many similarities to Kaze, in terms of personality. They are both reckless and brutal in their execution, but Makenshi seems to be the more disciplined of the two. He rarely has many words to spare for anyone other than Kaze, and if often seen in the Earl's throne room, sitting in the arms of a statue above the Earl's throne.



Final Fantasy: Unlimited After Spiral 0 and Final Fantasy: Unlimited Before

Much of Makenshi's past is revealed as he was a prince during his childhood and learned his swordsmanship from his older brother and only friend at the time, Madoushi. However, as Makenshi wanted to learn the sword to catch up to his brother, he actually excelled him and thus drove a wedge between them. When Chaos attacked his world, Makenshi retreated to Winderia where he rescued a injured Aura, whose beauty he appreciated, and meets Kaze. Aiding Kaze, Makenshi turned into a Sword-Dragon and battled Chaos Gun-Dragon over Sadoshima on Earth. In the end, Makenshi placed Kaze in sleep and eventually forwarded his services to Earl Tyrant to learn more about Chaos. He sought this knowledge so he could find out Chaos' weaknesses, in order to restore the world to a place of peace, unmarred by Chaos' tyranny.

Final Fantasy Unlimited

In the original anime series, Makenshi loyalties are left ambiguous for the majority of the series. While he serves the Earl for the first section, and the majority of the second, he is revealed to have been faking his loyalty in order to discover Chaos's true goals, plans and weaknesses.

He first encounters Kaze after their last battle together, while Kaze is resting with the Comodeen. At first Makenshi is hesitant to attack, but when he sees that Kaze has lost all his memories they fight without remorse. Makenshi next major encounter with Kaze is when he is fighting Fungus in Fungus's home world.

When Kaze is loosing hope for victory, Makenshi appears with Crux. While Crux is spreading the mold through Fungus's world, and thus preventing him for regenerating, Makenshi confronts Kaze and spurs him to fight once more.

Later, after the Comodeen's submarine, Jane, is trapped in the Ocean Puzzle, Oscha revives his brother and rival Madoushi, and sets up a fight between the two. Madoushi attacks Jane, causing Makenshi to appear and face off against his sibling. In the end, it takes the combined efforts of Kaze and Makenshi to put an end to Madoushi, allowing his to rest peacefully once more.

In the lead up to the climax, it is Makenshi that puts an end of Pist and his Ocean Puzzle, by converting the former to Mist, due to his liquid nature, and using him to summon a dragon to destroy the latter. He attempts to convince the Comodeen to flee from Chaos, no longer believing he can be stopped, but is unsuccessful.

In the climax, his true loyalties are revealed when he converts himself to mist, and summons a dragon made from his mist to bind Chaos while Kaze tries to destroy him, mirroring their roles in their first attempt to destroy Chaos. In the original series, his fate is left ambiguous, but is latter concluded in the sequel.

Final Fantasy Unlimited After

Makenshi and Crux appear on Earth, joining the party and helps Lisa protect the twins from Soljashy, and Kaze. Before the events of Final Fantasy Unlimited After 2, Makenshi obtains the mist power of his brother. Crux gains the ability to transform into the Cross Sword, which Makenshi uses in combination with his own blade. During the final fight, Makenshi reveals that his goal is not order like the others, but rather a world where people can express themselves freely without fear of Chaos. He accompanies Kaze into the gateway to finish the fight with Chaos once and for all.

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Makenshi's sword, Maken, has been seen to possess great power. It is seen deflecting projectile of, not only the Comodeen, but also Kaze's hand gun. Makenshi seems to be able to control the sword with some form of telekinesis, as seen when he used his ability in an attempt to destroy Chaos's machine designed to merge Omega and the Hayakawa twins into himself.

He uses the sword to slice his mist bottles and summon his mist dragons, which appear to be similar in power to Kaze's summons. Template:FFU

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