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Major Elliot.

You've lost family haven't you. That's why I trust you. You know what must be done.

General Hein

Major Elliot (エリオット少佐, Eriotto-shōsa?) is a minor character in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Stationed in the New York Barrier City, he is the second-in-command within the United States Military Force (USMF) and trusted subordinate to General Hein. He is voiced by Matt McKenzie, who was later heard in Final Fantasy X as the voice of Auron.


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Major Elliot lost his family in a Phantom attack years ago, and it is for this reason that he works closely with General Hein, who also lost family to the invasion.

As his subordinate within the military, the Major relays Hein's orders within the company. When Aki Ross revealed her Phantom infection the Major briefs Captain Gray Edwards in accompanying Ross on the remainder of her expeditions and, due to Hein's orders, arranges for a few men to accompany Edwards's team in case they mutiny.

When Hein becomes frustrated with the council's lack of action against the Phantoms he commands Elliot to gather a squad of his most trusted men and accompany him in taking over and partially shutting down the Barrier City's protective barrier. The plan backfires due to their not understanding the Phantoms' physiology; the Phantoms become uncontainable and one invades the barrier control center, destroying it and ensuring the city's destruction.

Major Elliot is killed when one of his men flails upon death; the gun bullets go straight through the attacking Phantom and hit Elliot instead.

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Other appearances[]

Thriller Easter Egg[]

Elliot confronts Hein in a "Thriller" parody

Elliot makes an appearance (along with the rest of the film's virtual cast) in a hidden Easter egg parody of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video created for the DVD release of the film.

The parody is set shortly after Douglas Hein inadvertantly causes the destruction of the New York Barrier City's barrier control room. As he runs away he runs into Aki, Gray, Ryan, Jane, Neil, Dr. Sid, Major Elliot and three alive Phantoms who proceed to, as a group, perform the dance number to "Thriller" with Aki as the lead.