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Mahanaga is a boss in Final Fantasy XV fought in the Daurell Caverns maze for the A Menace Sleeps in Daurell Caverns sidequest. Defeating lets the player pick up the Precision Lance and finish the dungeon.


Sister species of the nagarani, native to Daurell Caverns. Other than the color of their scales, the two are virtually indistinguishable. She is also no less cold-blooded nor any less sinister than her kinswoman, only stronger.
Size: 94.48 ft. Weight: 36.97 t



Mahanaga in Daurell Caverns Menace in FFXV

Mahanaga uses physical attacks. It is weak to lightning and light, as well as swords and shields. Its lunging attack can be blocked and parried. It lashes those around itself with its long tail, and it has a petrifying gaze attack, as well as a smoke attack that turns those caught in it into toads. It is also vulnerable to Poison itself. It can bury underground, and thus be momentarily out of reach only to burst back out, damaging everyone in its vicinity. When vulnerable, it lies on the floor and does not fight back for a while.


Protecting against the Toad and Stone statuses is useful with either food buffs or accessories. The ailments are more annoying than debilitating and only last a brief while, however. Ignis's Enhancement can bestow Noctis's sword with lightning to do more damage. Armiger does a lot of damage as always. When the mahanaga buries, the player can free-warp away from it to avoid damage from its re-emergence.


Naga (Sanskrit: नाग, Nāgá) is a deity of entity taking the form of a great snake—specifically the King Cobra—in Hinduism and Buddhism. For female counterparts, they're called nagi.

Maha is a Sanskrit adjective word meaning "great".

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