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The Magus is a job in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade available once the player has a level 15 Bard and a level 20 Black Mage.

The job excels in using rod and sickles as their primary weapons, and deals increased damage with skill and magic attacks. However, there are no other significant advantages to the job due to their more cosmetic nature for user avatars in the title. A level 15 Magus is a requirement in unlocking the Necromancer job.

The Magus also appear on certain ability and legend cards.

The jobs appearance is heavily inspired by its original appearance in Final Fantasy III.


Magus is the Latin word for "wizard". Its plural is Magi.

The job's Japanese name of (魔人, Majin?) derives from the Witch/Demon (, Ma?) and Person (, Jin?) kanjis. While Majin (魔人) has no direct single word English translation, the most common interpretations are that of magician, sorcerer, or conjurer.

While spelled the same in hiragana, (まじん, Majin?), the job's Japanese name is not the same word of Majin (魔神, Majin?) commonly used for Demons Gods, which derives from the Witch/Demon (, Ma?) and God (, Jin?) kanjis.