Magun: Man of the Black Wind is the second episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Magun: Man of the Black Wind.

Story[edit | edit source]

The Players[edit | edit source]

Kaze's white memory.

The black-cloaked man returns the Magun to its sealed form. He turns and departs, with Lisa and Ai refusing to allow Yu to follow. The man's memories awaken within him as he gasps, remembering the face of a man in white. The man continues to walk away, with Yu uttering his name: Kaze.

Oscha's spy; Crux.

Atop a cliff, overlooking Lisa and the children, the man that was watching before drops a pink marionette to the ground, and begins to conduct it, despite the lack of strings. He calls it "Crux" and its joints disappear, giving it the image of a small girl with wings. With a simple "kukuruyu" Crux flies after the trio, watching from above.

The man in white sits on the ledge of a fortress floating in the clouds. Inside a plump child sits on a throne of a magnificent throne room, while a man dressed like a military commander and a green, plant-like woman, sit nearby.

A small spider-like robot shows the child a short recording of Kaze firing the Magun, which angers the child, who screams about a betrayal. The commander, Fungus, requests permission to counteract this threat. The woman, Herba, berates. The man that released Crux, Oscha, informs the child of his releasing Crux to follow them.

The Rooks[edit | edit source]

The chocobo has a taste for Ai's hair.

As Kaze walks through the streets of the city, he recalls a scene of great destruction, and mutters to himself about someone called White Cloud that he deems responsible. Meanwhile, Lisa and the children unsuccessfully search the surrounding wastelands for human population.

Yu spots a familiar bird: the one from the city. It has a collar, but proves it is the same bird by grasping Ai's hair. The bird races off with Yu giving chase, until he loses it in a forest. After the other two catch up, an old woman appears riding a bird similar to the one they were chasing, and with the bird in question standing beside her. She introduces herself as Chocobaba.

The Pawns[edit | edit source]

A strange woman riding chocobos.

The birds are chocobos, but before any further information can be gleaned from the strange woman, her chocobo screeches and takes off, leaving the trio and the chocobo they were following behind. Noticing a chocobo feather with a clip attached on the ground, Yu picks it up. A bomb falls nearby, releasing more mushroom monsters. Lisa is incapacitated, and the children, surrounded. As they huddle, the feather begins to glow, and the chocobo leaps into action, kicking one of the mushroom monsters into submission before fleeing.

The monsters close the gap, but gun shots are heard and the mushrooms fall to the ground, holes blasted in them. Kaze appears behind the children; he has something he wants to ask them. More mushrooms appear. Using a handgun Kaze dispatches them. Fungus appears before them; though he calls Kaze by name, Kaze opens fire, but the handgun proves no use against Fungus. Kaze primes and and loads the Magun. Fungus calmly goads him on. Kaze fires, summoning a fist-sized creature that creates a box around Fungus, then compresses everything within into nothing, destroying Fungus as Crux watches from overhead.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Recovering from the incident, Kaze questions Lisa and the children about this "White Cloud", but with no success. Yu attempts to persuade Kaze to come with them, but he turns and leaves. Yu, remembering the feather, clips it to his hair, just as the chocobo returns.

Yu claims the subway will leave soon, and they need to return to it. They follow the chocobo and return to the subway.

Soil[edit | edit source]

One combination of soil is seen in this episode:

More infinite than the open sky/An infinity that surpasses the heavens - Sky Blue
Perfection that pierces the earth/A completeness that goes through solid ground - Grand Brown/Earth Brown
A deception to twist reality/The deception to hollow out a dimension - Magic Violet

This creates Typhoon, which compressed a cubic box of space until nothing remains.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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