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The Magun has thawed.

Soil is my power!

Kaze when thawing the Magun

The Magun (魔銃, Magan?), also known as the Demon Gun, is a weapon from the anime Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Attached to Kaze's arm and is his most powerful weapon, which is rivaled only by the Maken, wielded by Makenshi.

His partner, Moogle repairs the Magun, commenting of its state of neglect, allowing Kaze to summon stronger versions of his existing summons. After the events of 12 years ago, the Magun no longer responds to any of Kaze's commands, and will only activate when the twins Ai and Yu Hayakawa are close by and conscious.

The Magun says "Kaze no Magan" (from 風の魔銃?, lit. Kaze's Magun) in Wonderland script on its top.


the Magun moved.

Initially, the Magun is "frozen", and cannot be used. In this state the weapon has the appearance of a large golden cylinder. When it activates, or "thaws", the weapon draws energy from its surroundings and transforms within a large, three barreled, golden gun attached to Kaze's arm, with a beating black heart at its core.


The soil charge triad to use on you has been decided!

Kaze choosing which soil bullets to use

Soil is a compound made of the souls of those who were destroyed by Chaos thus causing their life force to be crystallized. Though Soil appears as fine grains of colored sand, its power can be seen when unleashed in a spiral movement. The following is a list of all the soils Kaze uses, their description, and which summon they are involved with.

Unlimited Summons[]

The exact nature of Pist's summon is unclear; as the summoning failed, thus backfiring on him, and the combination Pist used has never been used by Kaze. However, when Kaze summons a creature he has summoned previously, he uses the same combination as the first time he summoned the being.

Summon Soil Charge Triad Image
Phoenix The origin of all things, Mother Black! A heat that will scorch all creation, Fire Red! The critical point of everything, Burning Gold! Burn up! I summon you! Phoenix! Ffu-phoenix.jpg
Typhoon An infinity that surpasses the heavens, Sky Blue! A completeness that goes through solid ground, Earth Brown! The deception to hollow out a dimension, Magic Violet! Come out! I summon you, Typhoon! Ffu-typhoon.jpg
Shiva The cry of a soul without light, Forest Green! The soil that forbids the birth of life, Maiden White! To freeze all things, Ice Blue! Shine! I summon you! Shiva! Ffu-shiva.jpg
Ixion The sleep that engulfs death, Steel Gray! Bubbling and boiling blood, Heat Crimson! The light that penetrates darkness, Lightning Yellow! Howl! I summon you! Ixion! Ffu-ixion.jpg
Bismark Grinding and devouring rocks, Shark Gray! The soil that drinks thirst, Water Blue! That which can even feed on empty space, Crusher White! Roar! I summon you! Bismarck! Ffu-bismark.jpg
Ifrit The flaming hot fang, Cardinal Red! The deep blood of the hurricane, Dark Crimson! The strength of steel, Burnt Sienna! Scorch! I summon you! Ifrit! Ffu-ifrit.jpg
Odin The light that dictates the time of eternity, Luminous Silver! The darkness that dictates the time of destruction, Demolition Black! The moment that dictates the time of extinction, Steel Gray! Penetrate! I summon you! Odin! Ffu-odin.jpg
Atomos The fury that levels everything to the ground, Storm Blue! The essence that erases all color, Ash Gray! The spirit that drops into infinite darkness, Silent Black! Emerge! I summon you! Atomos! Ffu-atomos.jpg
Titan The solid earth that protects, Gaia Brown! The hidden silence of passion, Deep Vermillion! From the eternal vitality of life, Evergreen! Smash! I summon you! Titan! Ffu-titan.jpg
Meteor Master The roar of the sky engulfed in flames, Horizon Gold! The daggers of an angry rain, Arrow Black! The light that drives a wedge into eternity, Photon Silver! Destroy! I summon you! Meteor Master! Meteor Master.PNG
Gun Dragon The light that fills up your eyes, Tears of the Rainbow! The ultimate spirit, Soul Gun Metal! And finally, the soul charge triad to use on you has been decided! Lisa, do it. Fire me. The helix of my life, Endless White! Gun Dragon.jpg
Gun Dragon
The glare of obvious intelligence! Marvelous Orange! The desire for an endless quest! Maniac Purple, The promise of a perfect victory, Char-Coral Pink! This is it! The perfect undefeatable combination! Howl, Magun! Go with the flow of the Soil! Come out, the Ultimate Summon! FFU Episode 8 - Gun Dragon Emerges.png

Unlimited: After Summons[]

Summon Soil Charge Triad Image
Tri-Disaster A heat that will scorch all creation, Fire Red! To freeze all things, Ice Blue! The light that penetrates darkness, Lightning Yellow! Howl! I summon you, Tri-Disaster!
Knights of the Round A bladestorm of bonds, Sword Viridian! The squall of fortitude, Kingdom Blue! And finally, a prideful gale, Warrior Platinum! Slaughter! I summon you, Knights of the Round!
Hades A cry of the cursed darkness, Curse White! The eye of lightless darkness, Shadow Purple! And finally, venom of the darkest sin, Poison Black! Judgment! I summon you, Hades!
Raiden A bladestorm of bonds, Sword Viridian! Facing the road of extinction in a flash of an instant, Steel Gray! And finally, a wave of fresh rage, Gladius Red! Annihilate! I summon you, Raiden!
Alexander More infinite than the open sky, Sky Blue! The one to fill out the devilish darkness, Holy Black! The light after trial, Judgment White! Shine! I summon you, Alexander!
Anima That which falls into infinite darkness, Silent Black! One that hates the pain of lament, Pain Blue! And finally, to restrain all things, Chain Gold! Resonate! I summon you, Anima!

Musical themes[]

The Magun has two themes associated with it. "The Magun has Thawed" plays when the Magun thaws thanks to Ai and Yu's presence, or Moogle's intervention. This is then followed by "Firing the Magun." Both can be found on Final Fantasy: Unlimited - Music Adventure Verse 1.