Magnanir is a mark in Final Fantasy XV fought during The Hunter-Slaying Herd hunt.

A Lv.21 magnanir also appears in the Leide League of the Totomostro. Its team name is Faraway Magnanirs.

Bestiary[edit | edit source]

A subspecies of mesmenir with a wild disposition. Some hunters have taken to climbing onto magnanirs' backs and competing to see who can hang on the longest—a highly dangerous pastime that has led to several problems among the administration at Meldacio HQ.
Size: 17.98 ft. Weight: 2.43 t

Hunt[edit | edit source]

The Hunter-Slaying HerdLongwythe Rest Area1
Yellow Hunt Icon.png
Magnanir x2, Mesmenir x4Longwythe Peak (Daytime)81,830 gil, Hi-Elixir

Stats[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

Magnanirs are fought alongside mesmenirs in a hunt in Leide. They are distinguished by their superior size when compared to their more diminutive cousins. Magnanir is weak to greatswords, daggers and fire. It runs around the huntsground and bucks and kicks wildly when near its targets. It runs over the player, knocking Noctis to the ground. Its charge attack can be blocked and parried. The rocks on the huntsground can be point-warped to.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Using fire elemancy at the herd is a good way to start off the battle by damaging all enemies at once. Point-warping to a rock to throw the elemancy from where the equines can't attack the player may work well. The player can break off the equines' horns by locking onto the head and then warp-striking from a distance. Though the magnanir is fast and may be constantly on the move, the player can keep up with it by warp-striking. Targeting the equines' backsides triggers blindside-strikes for increased damage, as well as blindside links with team mates. If fighting in the middle if the herd, the player may get overwhelmed by the constantly running equines that knock Noctis down, and thus should be using the Defense button a lot; staying on the outskirts of the herd may work better, though the equines tend to spread out. Parrying with a greatsword equipped can result in an especially potent link-strike with Prompto or Ignis.

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