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Ahh, war. To wield power, to make men kneel before you. There is no better feeling.


Magnai Oronir, also known as Magnai the Older, is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV.


When Magnai discovers that Hien, Gosetsu, Lyse and the Warrior of Light have entered Bardam's Mettle, which serves as a trial to be recognized a warrior of the Steppe, Magnai sends his warriors to escort the group to pay tribute. He tasks the the group to learn about the lore of his tribe. In a final task Gosetsu and the Warrior of Light are sent to spy on the Dotharl Tribe, and once the duo returns with Sadu's words, Magnai permits for the group to leave.

Magnai participates in Naadam leading his tribe, but in the climax of the battle he is defeated by the Warrior of Light who guarantees the victory of the Mol Tribe. Magnai loses his position to Cirina Mol and joins the other warriors of Steppe to expel the imperial soldiers who arrive at the scene. He offers the support of his tribe to help Hien in the liberation of his homeland.



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Magnai is prideful and a bit conceited, looking down upon others, be they another Xaela tribe or from another land. He especially enjoys lording over the other tribes since his own tribe won the last annual Naadam. Magnai respects the culture and traditions of the Azim Steppe and will abide to its laws.

Though Magnai is distrustful of outsiders, he respects strength. As a member of the Oronir, Magnai takes great pride in his tribe's ways and its strong warriors. He respects a good challenge in combat, no matter the battle or the opponent.


During the Mains Scenario Quest Naadam Naadam, Magnai the Older is fought as an enemy, and in the final phase of the quest he becomes an allied NPC.