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Ahh, war. To wield power, to make men kneel before you. There is no better feeling.

Magnai Oronir, also known as Magnai the Older, is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV.



Personality Edit

Magnai is prideful and a bit conceited, looking down upon others, be they another Xaela tribe or from another land. He especially enjoyed lording over the other tribes since his own tribe won the last annual Naadim. Magnai respects the culture and traditions of the Azim Steppe and will abide to its laws, showing an honorable side.

Though Magnai is often distrustful of outsiders, he respects strength, thus did he accept the Mol Tribe winning the Naadim and the Warrior of Light defeating him in single combat.

As a member of the Oronir, Magnai takes great pride in his tribes's ways and its strong warriors. In addition, he does respect a good challenge in combat, no matter the battle or the opponent.


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