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Magitek armor, abbreviated as MA and also known as cybersuits, are bipedal robots used by Niflheim Empire for warfare in the Final Fantasy XV Universe. Magitek armor were originally used by the ancient civilization of Solheim[1] whose glory Niflheim seeks to recreate. They appear as enemies accompanying the rest of the imperial forces in Final Fantasy XV.


Magitek armors were used by Solheim, but after it fell millennia ago, the knowledge of magiteknology was lost. Niflheim developed its own magitek armors some 150 years ago, likely to imitate Solheim. Circa M.E. 606, Niflheim crossed the ocean to engage the Lucian-Accordian Allied Forces, overwhelming it with its new weapons, namely, the magitek armors. Accordo surrendered and the Lucian king erected the Wall around the Cavaugh region that includes the Crown City of Insomnia, and took up a siege position.[2] Unable to pierce the Wall, the conflict came to a standstill and would lead to Niflheim developing the magitek infantry by M.E. 723,[3] which would become their main offense over the MAs.

Magitek Armor in KGFFXV

MA in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (appears to be MA Veles).

MAs guard imperial bases, and are sent to intercept targets via magitek engines. They launch missiles that detonate with a slight delay and walk on two legs. They topple over when a leg is broken, and can spill oil all around them which can be ignited with Elemancy. Some models have claw-like feet for close-quarters combat and are equipped with automatic rifles and an electroshock spear or flamethrowers. Some MAs' warheads are laced with substances that inflict status ailments.

At least some magitek armors have pilots, as Loqi Tummelt and Caligo Ulldor both have personal MAs they use for battle. Whether the magitek armors fought as regular enemies operate on auto-pilot is ambiguous; no pilots are ever seen or mentioned in the bestiary, but they do have cockpits, as the MAs share the same model with variations. Final Fantasy XV Official Works calls the imperial magitek forces a hybrid between mechanical troopers and human-piloted MAs.[4] In Adventurer from Another World, the party fights an MA-X Patria that is noted to be autonomous in a warning message, but yet appears to be piloted by the Ixal beastmen that have taken over the base.

The large-scale magitek armor seem to require too much stamina for their pilots to operate easily. Unless we can rectify this problem, the development of any further applications is simply out of the question. Perhaps the time has come for us to devise a new approach—like installing an automated piloting circuit.
—Researcher's Writing on Magitek Prototypes
Diamond Weapon Kingsglaive Art

Diamond Weapon.

The magitek research facility producing magitek troopers and magitek armors is run by Verstael Besithia,[4] who has recently developed more monstrous types of weapons of mass destruction that are still referred to as magitek armor despite looking wildly different from the regular field models: Diamond Weapon and Immortalis. These are powered by magitek cores, which derive power from miasma, the substance daemons exude. The regular MAs are not seen or referred to as having magitek cores, but from their name of "magitek armor" it can be derived they are powered by some form of magitek. Some of the more powerful magitek armors do drop Magitek Cores as spoils, although this item's description denotes it as a part of a magitek trooper.



MA-X Maniple in battle.

Magitek armors only use physical attacks, MA Hoplomachus being the exception, and are immune to Light. The MA-series machines are weak to Lightning damage, as well as daggers and greatswords, whereas the MA-X-series machines are weak to machinery weapons and have no elemental weaknesses. They explode soon after being defeated, the damage being one of few non-elemental magic attacks in the game. Cross chains trigger against them and they have unique parry where Noctis blasts them with a fire spell from the air.

Defeating the MAs that spawn from magitek engines prompts the game to spawn ever harder versions of them, until the superboss MA-X Angelus-0 appears in Chapter 15. The most powerful magitek armor is Omega, an ancient MA built by Solheim to fell the Astrals whose story can be uncovered in the Ω-Files.


Creation and developmentEdit


Concept art.

Magitek Armor is a recurring type of robot from the Final Fantasy series, originating from Final Fantasy VI. They have since appeared as cameos, but have a larger presence in Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0, both games directed by Hajime Tabata.

Whereas the Magitek Armor in Final Fantasy VI use magic, the MA in Final Fantasy XV are more akin to tanks of real world warfare; tanks appeared in the Final Fantasy XV E3 2013 trailer carrying infantry, but only have a minor role in the final game, infantry being deployed from magitek engines instead alongside other imperial forces, such as MA.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

An MA-X series magitek armor appears during a FATE in the Final Fantasy XIV x Final Fantasy XV event.


Tower topples over an MA in FFXV Omen

When Noctis's magic stops working, he steals a firearm from the opposition and topples a tower onto a MA-X series magitek armor to keep fighting.


Caligo pursues Ignis in an MA in FFXV Episode Ignis

Submerged MA pursuing Ignis's boat.

  • Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis shows magitek armors can tread water.
  • A video regarding the Level Editor update shows footage of what seems to be the player controlling a MA-X Cuirass.


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