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Magitek Swordsman is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought randomly around the map from assault craft, and during various main quests. It is a magitek trooper that wields a sword and has an built-in firearm in its hand.


A more advanced magitek trooper designed to replace older units. It boasts stronger built-in firearms as well as a newly engineered sword to engage opponents in close-quarters combat.
Size: 7 ft. 2 in. Weight: 371.4 lb.



Magitek swordsmen appear in groups from dropships and can be fought on the overworld. They commonly spawn alongside imperial troopers. They are weak to polearms, daggers and lightning, and they resist fire. They attack with their saw-toothed swords for close-ranged combat and harpoon opponents with a mechanism that ejects out of their chests for targets further away. They can surround the player and harpoon Noctis who becomes incapacitated. Once the swordsman loses its swordarm, it starts to attack by kicking.

Cross chains trigger against them and they can be instantly killed with head-shots from the Cerberus (when wielded by Noctis; especially easy in Wait Mode).

Magitek swordsman yields less EXP than what the official guide indicates.


Character-swapping to Ignis lets the player use powerful lightning dagger attacks against them. Lightning-elemental elemancy is good against them, especially when they are newly spawned and still grouped together. Daggers are good weapons for Noctis as well as Ignis as they attack fast, but they don't trigger linked attackss (the player can swap weapons when blind-side attacking). Prompto's Gravisphere can be used to contain the magitek swordsmen in one area. Blocking with a shield stops the swordsman's spinning attack, allowing the player follow with a melee hit.



"Magitek" is a portmanteau of "magic" and "technology."

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