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The party wearing Magitek Exosuits.

A special suit recovered and repurposed by Cid. Uses magitek energy to generate a barrier that wards the wearer from harm.


Magitek Exosuit is an attire in Final Fantasy XV added in patch 1.13. It makes the party invincible against everything but Omega in the Windows and Royal Editions and the Lv.120 Garuda in the Adventurer from Another World quest. Its description says it was recovered and repurposed by Cid Sophiar. It is just a regular attire outside combat, but as soon as a battle initiates, panels on its front and back begin to glow yellow. This is especially noticeable in the dark. The suit is enveloped in a pink effect when it absorbs an attack, red being the color associated with magitek in Final Fantasy XV. Everyone's suit is identical.


The Magitek Exosuit renders its wearer impervious for a total of 30 minutes each day. The suit can still be worn after its energy reserves are depleted, but it will not offer any additional protection.

Loading screen description
Magitek Barrier icon in FFXV.png

Wearing the Magitek Exosuit grants a buff that renders one immune to all damage, staggering, and most status ailments whenever a battle initiates, as well as increasing strength. It won't prevent Danger, Down, Clouded, or Inconsistent, but can block Poison from the more negative outcome of Quick Recipeh, whereas wearing a Ribbon will not. Damage incurred from royal arms and Blastcast will still take effect. Noctis and Gladiolus can still parry attacks.

Magitek Exosuits come with a damage counter, and getting struck by attacks reduces it. When it expires, the suit no longer protects against damage, but can still remain on the characters. The counter can be viewed in the Gear Menu by highlighting the Exosuit and pressing the Details button. The counter fully refills after 20 real-life hours from when that party member first takes damage, regardless of how depleted the gauge is. Each party member has their own counter, calculated separately. Manipulating the console's timer forward allows for an earlier recharge. However, this would mean one needs to keep forwarding the clock to get recharges unless the player waits out longer.

Endless Magitek Armor challenge.

Crazy Challenge[]

Crazy Challenge is a set of minigames available in the Google Stadia version of the game. The Endless Magitek Armor minigame pits the player against hordes of enemies while wearing the Magitek Exosuit, the goal being killing as many enemies as possible within a time limit.

Behind the scenes[]

Magitek Exosuit

Square Enix initially announced a DLC outfit, Magitek Exosuit, for season pass holders, but it was never released because the publisher of Power Rangers thought the design was too close to their intellectual property. A redesigned costume was released in patch 1.13 free for everyone.

The redesigned version resembles General Glauca's suit of armor from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.



"Magitek" is a portmanteau of "magic" and "technology". In Final Fantasy XV, magitek is the technology used by the Niflheim Empire, likely as an allusion to the Gestahlian Empire from Final Fantasy VI where the term was first used in the Final Fantasy series.

Exosuit refers to a powered exoskeleton, a wearable mobile machine powered by a system of electric motors, pneumatics, levers, hydraulics, or a combination of technologies that allow for limb movement with increased strength and endurance.