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Magicite are party-level augments in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Adding an extra level to the previous Record Materia, Record Spheres, and Legend Materia systems, Magicite were introduced with the August 24, 2017 backend update.


Magicite are equipped to an entire active party rather than to individual Heroes. In this way, they can be saved to a player's list of favorites.

Magicite can only be unlocked via Magicite Dungeons at present, which requires clearance of all twelve Nightmare Dungeons, including all exclusive bosses.

List of Magicite stonesEdit

Rarity 1Edit

Name Element Abilities Series
FFRK Iguion FFVIII Manastone
Fire Magma Breath, Resonance; Dampen Fire L1 VIII
FFRK Bomb FFXII Manastone
Fire Lunge, Fire; Empower Fire L1 XII
FFRK Snowman FFII Manastone
Ice Attack, Snowball; Dampen Ice L1 II
FFRK Gnoll FFIX Manastone
Ice Blizzara, Gnoll Attack; Empower Ice IX
Yellow Elemental
FFRK Yellow Elemental FFX Manastone
Lightning Thunder, Thunder (multitarget); Empower Lightning X
Kalavinka Striker
FFRK Kalavinka Striker FFXIII Manastone
Lightning Attack, Hellstorm Bolt, Electrified Breath; Dampen Lightning XIII
Earth Elemental
FFRK Earth Elemental FFI Manastone
Earth Attack, Quake; Empower Earth I
Clay Golem
FFRK Clay Golem FFI Manastone
Earth Quake, Haste; Dampen Earth I
FFRK Galypdes FFVI Manastone
Wind Gale, Shamshir, Flap; Dampen Air VI
FFRK Rangda FFXIII Manastone
Wind Attack, Aerora, Aeroga; Empower Wind XIII
FFRK Sahagin FFIV Manastone
Water Attack, Water Cannon; Dampen Water IV
Water Flan
FFRK Water Flan FFX Manastone
Water Attack, Water; Empower Water X
Cure Beast
FFRK Cure Beast FFV Manastone
Holy Attack, Critical, Cura; Empower Holy V
Fairy Orc
FFRK Fairy Orc FFV Manastone
Holy Attack, Spear, Curaja; Dampen Holy V
FFRK Lilith FFIV Manastone
Dark Attack, Slap, Entice; Empower Dark IV
FFRK Forbidden FFVIII Manastone
Dark Blind, Iai Blow, Thrust; Dampen Dark VIII

Rarity 2Edit

Name Element Abilities Series
FFRK Dragon FFVII Manastone
Fire Dragon Fang, Flamethrower; Empower Fire, Attack Boon VII
Flame Dragon
FFRK Flame Dragon FFX Manastone
Fire Flame Breath, Beef Up; Dampen Fire, Defense Boon X
White Dragon
FFRK White Dragon FFI Manastone
Ice Icestorm, Attack; Dampen Blizzard, Defense Boon I
Snow Lion
FFRK Snow Lion FFVIII Manastone
Ice Rush, Ice Breath; Empower Ice, Magic Boon VIII
Thunder Dragon
FFRK Thunder Dragon FFIV Manastone
Lightning Attack, Thunderbolt: Dampen Lightning, Resistance Boon IV
FFRK Ymir FFVI Manastone
Lightning Slime, Slimer, Megavolt; Empower Lightning, Attack Boon VI
FFRK Ralvuimago FFIX Manastone
Earth String, Power of the Land, Ultrasonic Waves; Empower Earth, Defense Boon IX
FFRK Antlion FFIX Manastone
Earth Trouble Mucus, Counter Horn, Sandstorm; Dampen Earth, Resistance Boon IX
FFRK Zu FFV Manastone
Wind Attack, Wing Gale; Empower Wind, Magic Boon V
FFRK Rapps FFVII Manastone
Wind Scorpion's Tail, Aeroga; Dampen Wind, Resistance Boon VII
Sea Dragon
FFRK Sea Dragon FFII Manastone
Water Attack, Tsunami; Dampen Water, Resistance Boon II
FFRK Anguiform FFVI Manastone
Water Aqua Breath, Garrote; Empower Water, Mind Boon VI
White Flame
FFRK White Flame FFV Manastone
Holy Attack, White Wind; Dampen Light, Resistance Boon V
FFRK Nymph FFIX Manastone
Holy Attack, Silent Kiss; Empower Holy, Mind Boon IX
FFRK Etem FFXII Manastone
Dark Darkga, Death, Stop; Empower Dark, Attack Boon XII
FFRK Ghoul FFT Manastone
Dark Ectoplasm, Oily Touch, Sleep Touch; Dampen Dark, Defense Boon FFT

Rarity 3Edit

Name Element Abilities Series
FFRK Salamander FFIII Manastone
Fire III
Mom Bomb
FFRK Mom Bomb FFIV Manastone
Fire IV
Liquid Flame
FFRK Liquid Flame FFV Manastone
Fire V
FFRK Taharka FFIX Manastone
Ice IX
FFRK Sealion FFIX Manastone
Ice IX
FFRK Wendigo FFXII Manastone
FFRK Hydra FFV Manastone
Lightning V
FFRK Humbaba FFVI Manastone
Lightning VI
FFRK Enlil FFXIII Manastone
Lightning XIII
FFRK Golem FFV Manastone
Earth V
Shell Dragon
FFRK Shell Dragon FFIX Manastone
Earth IX
Sand Worm
FFRK Sand Worm FFX Manastone
Earth X
Wing Raptor
FFRK Wing Raptor FFV Manastone
Wind V
FFRK Enkidu FFV Manastone
Wind V
FFRK Fenrir FFVI Manastone
Wind VI
FFRK Bismarck FFVI Manastone
Water VI
FFRK Bottomswell FFVII Manastone
Water VII
FFRK Enki FFXIII Manastone
Water XIII
Mist Dragon
FFRK Mist Dragon FFIV Manastone
Holy IV
FFRK Kirin FFVI Manastone
Holy VI
FFRK Unicorn FFVI Manastone
Holy VI
Shadow Dragon
FFRK Shadow Dragon FFIV Manastone
Dark IV
FFRK Phantom FFVI Manastone
Dark VI
FFRK Darkmare FFXII Manastone
Dark XII

Rarity 4Edit

Name Element Abilities Series
FFRK Marilith FFIX Manastone
Fire Ultra Flame Slash; Mustard Bomb, Firaga, Rain of Swords; Empower Fire, Attack Boon, Deadly Strikes IX
FFRK Firemane FFXII Manastone
Fire Ultra Bushfire; Rush, Fire, Kick; Dampen Ice, Resistance Boon, Spell Ward XII
King Bomb
FFRK King Bomb FFXII Manastone
Fire Ultra Chain Reaction; Lunge, Short Fuse, Fira; Empower Fire, Magic Boon, Health Boon XII
FFRK Dullahan FFVI Manastone
Ice Ultra Absolute Zero; Northern Cross, Blizzara, Morning Star; Empower Ice, Magic Boon, Spell Ward VI
FFRK Krysta FFVIII Manastone
Ice Ultra Flash-Freeze; Blizzara, Aim, Dextral Claws; Dampen Wind, Defense Boon, Blade Ward VIII
FFRK Isgebind FFXIV Manastone
Ice Ultra Ice Breath; Attack, Sheet of Ice, Rime Wreath; Empower Ice, Attack Boon, Precise Strikes XIV
FFRK Garuda FFIII Manastone
Lightning Ultra Lightning; Thundara, Blast Wave, Thundaga; Empower Lightning, Fast Act, Magic Boon III
FFRK Ixion FFX Manastone
Lightning Ultra Thor's Hammer; Attack, Evade, Aerospark; Dampen Water, Defense Boon, Deadly Strikes X
Mimic Queen
FFRK Mimic Queen FFXII Manastone
Lightning Ultra Shockstorm; Thunder, Attack, Thundaga; Empower Lightning, Attack Boon, Precise Strikes XII
FFRK Catastrophe FFV Manastone
Earth Ultra Earth Shaker; Quake, Attack, Critical; Empower Earth, Attack Boon, Deadly Strikes V
FFRK Midgardsormr FFVI Manastone
Earth Ultra Abyssal Maw; Quake, Stonega, Tail; Empower Earth, Fast Act, Magic Boon VI
Earth Guardian
FFRK Earth Guardian FFIX Manastone
Earth Ultra Earthquake; Double Slash, Earth Shake, Stonega; Dampen Lightning, Health Boon, Defense Boon IX
FFRK Sylph FFV Manastone
Wind Ultra Whisperwind; Haste, Aerora, Aero; Dampen Earth, Fast Act, Mind Boon VI
Silver Dragon
FFRK Silver Dragon FFIX Manastone
Wind Ultra Breath Wing; Claw, Aerial Slash, Blast Wave; Empower Wind, Precise Strikes, Attack Boon IX
FFRK Tiamat FFIX Manastone
Wind Ultra Twister; Silent Claw, Attack, Aeroga; Empower Wind, Magic Boon, Blade Ward IX
FFRK Octomammoth FFIV Manastone
Water Ultra Tentacles; Attack, Water, Waterga; Health Boon, Empower Water, Magic Boon IV
FFRK Gizamaluke FFIX Manastone
Water Ultra Tsunami; Lunge, Water, Water; Spell Ward, Dampen Fire, Resistance Boon IX
FFRK Kraken FFIX Manastone
Water Ultra Aqua Breath; Water Cannon, Leg, Ink; Empower Water, Attack Boon, Blade Ward IX
FFRK Siren FFV Manastone
Holy Ultra Lunatic Voice; Protectga, Regen, Curaja; Healing Boon, Empower Holy, Mind Boon V
FFRK Seraphim FFVI Manastone
Holy Ultra Angel Feathers; Curaja, Shellga, Esuna; Health Boon, Dampen Dark, Mind Boon VI
FFRK Evrae FFX Manastone
Holy Ultra Photon Spray; Holy, Attack, Haste; Empower Holy, Surging Power, Attack Boon X
FFRK Necrophobia FFV Manastone
Dark Ultra Flare; Sap, Vacuum Wave, Darkra; Dampen Light, Spell Ward, Defense Boon V
Dragon Zombie
FFRK Dragon Zombie FFVII Manastone
Dark Ultra Shadow Flare; Sap, Vacuum Wave, Darkra; Damage Push, Attack Boon, Empower Dark VII
FFRK Hades FFVII Manastone
Dark Ultra Black Cauldron; Attack, Doomsday, Flare; Hand of Vengeance, Healing Damper, Empower Dark VII

Rarity 5Edit

Name Element Abilities Series
FFRK Phoenix FFVI Manastone
Fire Ultra Flames of Rebirth, Death's Pyre, Firaga, Lunge; Dampen Ice, Health Boon VI
FFRK Belias FFXII Manastone
Fire Ultra Hellfire, Demonic Flame, Flaming Horn, Attack; Empower Fire, Deadly Strikes XII
FFRK Chimera Brain FFV Manastone
Ice Ultra Blazing Breath, Chilling Fang, Ice Claw, Critical; Empower Ice, Precise Strikes V
FFRK Mateus FFXII Manastone
Ice Ultra Frostwave, Flash-Freeze, Blizzaga, Blizzard; Dampen Air, Blade Ward XII
FFRK Quezacotl FFVIII Manastone
Lightning Ultra Thunderstorm, Thundara, Thundaga, Thunder Call; Dampen Water, Fast Act VIII
Behemoth King
FFRK King Behemoth FFXIII Manastone
Lightning Ultra Shockstorm, Rake, Spark Horn, Thundering Strike; Empower Lightning, Precise Strikes XIII
FFRK Hecatoncheir FFXIII Manastone Icon
Earth Ultra Gaian Salvo, Quakeja, Stonega, Pummel; Dampen Lightning, Mind Boon XIII
FFRK Adamantoise FFXV Manastone Icon
Earth Ultra Gaia's Fury, Bestial Resonance, Boulder Breaker, Ram, Quakeja; Empower Earth, Defense Boon XV
FFRK Syldra FFV Manastone
Wind Ultra Thunderstorm; Maelstrom, Aeroga, Body Slam; Dampen Earth, Magic Boon V
FFRK Typhon FFVI Manastone
Wind Ultra Snort, Vacuum Wave, Gale Cut, Hit; Empower Air, Attack Boon VI
FFRK Geosgaeno FFX Manastone
Water Ultra Regurgitate, Hard Splash, Hydro Palm, Punch; Empower Water, Blade Ward X
FFRK Famfrit FFXII Manastone
Water Ultra Briny Cannonade, Waterja, Waterga, Hit; Dampen Fire, Spell Ward XII
FFRK Lakshmi FFVI Manastone
Holy Ultra Alluring Embrace, Holyja, Holy, Rake; Dampen Dark, Healing Boon VI
FFRK Madeen FFIX Manastone
Holy Ultra Terra Homing, Terra Impact, Holy Breath, Hit; Empower Holy, Surging Power IX
FFRK Deathgaze FFVI Manastone
Dark Ultra Crossed Stars; Dampen Light, Hand of Vengeance VI
FFRK Ark FFIX Manastone
Dark Ultra Eternal Darkness; Empower Dark, Mind Boon IX

Rarity 6Edit

Name Element Abilities Series
FFRK Ifrit FFX Manastone
Fire X
FFRK Titan FFV Manastone
Earth Gaia's Blessing, All Boon V
FFRK Ramuh FFVI Manastone
Lightning Fulminating Blessing, All Boon VI
FFRK Leviathan FFV Magicite
Water Aquatic Blessing, All Boon V


Magicite is the combination of "Magic" and "-ite". The suffix ite is derived from the Greek word lithos (from its adjectival form -ites), meaning "rock" or "stone".

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