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The Magic Stones from upper left: Reflect, Doom, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Haste, Mini, and Ultima.

Magic Stones are a term used in Chocobo Racing to describe a gameplay element. Magic stones are pickups that racers can collect along the course, giving them unique abilities when activated.

Some of these magic stones are used to hinder the opposing racers, while others can enhance the performance of the user.


The standard goal is to reach the finish line first. However, this is not easy with Magic Stones scattered throughout the tracks. Each racer can hold a maximum of three magic stones. If a racer collects several magic stones of the same type, those stones will "level up". Magic Stones can be stolen by bumping on another racer from behind.

Magic stones will always appear in a line somewhere along the track. Three of them will feature question marks, and will give a random ability when collected. Magic stones replenish throughout the level, so by the time the player has made their way through the track, the magic stones will have appeared again.


Below is a list of Magic Stones used in the game:

  • Haste - makes racers go faster. The higher the level, the longer the effect duration.
  • Fire - shoots a fireball in a straight line, which can miss. Higher levels will not miss, and Fira attacks one racer in front of the user, while Firaga attacks all racers in front of the user.
  • Blizzard - creates an ice sheet behind the user. Any racer that drives over it will spin out. Blizzara creates a large ice sheet which is hard to avoid, while Blizzaga causes all players to spin out of control and crash, stalling them. Flying racers are not affected by Blizzard and Blizzara.
  • Thunder - Thunder causes lightning to strike in front of a racer. Thundara causes three lightning strikes in front of a racer, while Thundaga strikes all racers.
  • Minimize - a small angel appears and reduces the size of all racers, slowing them down by 25%. The highest level reduces the racers' speed and size by 75%. If run over, a shrunken racer will be squashed, stalling them.
  • Reflect - deflects offensive spells back at the user. It is triggered automatically when a spell targets the holder, but it can also be activated manually to create a temporary Reflect shield. This Magic Stone does not level up.
  • Doom - a skull with a 10-second counter appears over the player. It can be transferred to another racer by bumping into them. Once the counter hits zero, the racer crashes. This Magic Stone does not level up.
  • Ultima - causes an attack that stalls all racers. The highest level stalls all racers much longer.