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Magic Power (魔力, Maryoku?), also known as Magic Attack, Magic atk, Mag.Pwr, MPow, Attack Magic Potency, Mana, M-Power, or just Magic, is the stat that determines the amount of damage a character can do when casting a spell or using any ability whose effect depends on the user's Magic stat. Usually, it works in conjunction with a spell's inherent Spell Power. Characters with high Magic Power usually have low Attack Power and vice-versa.

Often, Magic Power is the function of Intelligence, another recurring statistic.


Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy II[]

Magic determines how much MP a character will gain when maximum MP increases after a battle. For example, if a character has 25 Magic with 250 maximum MP, then his/her maximum MP will become 275 the moment it rises. Each point of Magic also increases Magic Defense by 0.5%. Magic is gained by losing MP in battle, whether by casting spells or having MP reduced by Sap or Osmose.

Final Fantasy III[]

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Final Fantasy V[]

The character's Magic stat is determined by their current job and their inherent Magic bonus.

Character Magic Bonus
Bartz +1
Lenna +4
Galuf 0
Faris +2
Krile +3

Oracle (GBA only) has the highest Magic, followed by the Summoner. Monk and Berserker have the lowest Magic. Magic determines the power of spells, summons as well as physical magic damage such as by bells and rods.

The Bard's Mana's Paean song boosts the party's Magic while he or she is singing.

Final Fantasy VI[]

Also known as Mag.Pwr., Magic determines magic spells' strength, as well as the strength of certain special abilities; such as Sabin's Blitzes, most of which are considered magical. Characters like Terra and Celes have naturally high magic stat, but Relm actually has the highest of the party, although spells cast via Sketch use the opponent's Magic Power to determine damage. Cyan has the lowest Magic of the party.

The Magic stat can be boosted via leveling up with using espers' stat boosting abilities. This is the only way to boost the characters' base magic stat, because it can't be increased by simply leveling up. The Espers are Cait Sith, Maduin (Magic Power +1), Zona Seeker and Valigarmanda (Magic Power +2). Certain relics and weapons also give bonuses to the wearer's Magic stat.

It is possible to overflow damage if a character's Magic stat is boosted high enough.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Magic atk determines the strength of Magic and Summon spells as well as several Enemy Skills and Limit Breaks. It can be upgraded with the Magic Source item (morphed from 8 eye and Unknown 3), by equipping Magic and Summon Materia and the Magic Plus Independent Materia. Most Materia give +1 to Magic, but some give +2, some +4, and Knights of Round gives +8. Equipment can also boost the user's magic, especially the accessory Circlet.

Each character has unique stat growth when leveling up. Even though each stat growth via level up is randomized, the game is programmed in such manner the character can never stray too far from the intended average.

List of characters' possible minimum and maximum Magic on Level 99.

Character Minimum Magic Maximum Magic
Cloud 98 100
Tifa 82 89
Aeris 100 100
Barret 78 85
Red XIII 84 91
Cid 79 86
Yuffie 85 92
Vincent 89 96
Cait Sith 89 96

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Magic is a character's value that determines their magic attack power. It is boosted by leveling up or by an equipped accessory. Aerith's normal attack is also calculated by her Magic attribute.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Magic determines the power of Zack's spells. It can be boosted via accessories and leveling up, but the main form of stat boost in the game is through materia. Materia's stats can be boosted via Materia Fusion. Using Dark Matters in the fusion adds +1 to Magic in the resulting Materia.

Zack's base Magic stat is a fixed number and depends on his level, unlike in Final Fantasy VII where stat growth is random. After level 75 the Magic grows halts and grows only a little bit.

The below values are from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- FAQ/Walkthrough by Absolute Steve

Level Magic Level Magic
6 17 53 53
7 18 54 53
8 19 55 53
9 20 56 54
10 21 57 54
11 22 58 54
12 23 59 55
13 25 60 55
14 25 61 55
15 26 62 56
16 27 63 56
17 28 64 56
18 29 65 57
19 29 66 58
20 30 67 58
21 31 68 58
22 32 69 58
23 32 70 59
24 33 71 59
25 34 72 59
26 36 73 59
27 36 74 59
28 37 75 60
29 38 76 60
30 38 77 60
31 39 78 61
32 40 79 61
33 40 80 61
34 41 81 61
35 42 82 61
36 42 83 61
37 43 84 61
38 43 85 61
39 45 86 61
40 45 87 61
41 46 88 61
42 46 89 61
43 47 90 61
44 47 91 61
45 48 92 62
46 48 93 62
47 49 94 62
48 49 95 62
49 50 96 62
50 50 97 62
51 51 98 62
52 52 99 62

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Magic stat determines the power of spells and how well the character is able to draw magic from enemies. It also affects Quistis's Blue Magic, Selphie's Slot spells and Rinoa's Angel Wing spells. Magic stat doesn't affect the summon magic's power like in previous games.

The characters' base stats are low, but Rinoa has the highest natural Magic stat of the main six playable characters. Magic can be permanently boosted with Mag Up items, the Devour ability and leveling up (Siren and Cactuar also have a Mag Bonus that works like the espers' level up bonuses in Final Fantasy VI), but the main method is via junctioning. Guardian Forces with Mag-J ability allow its user to junction spells to the character's Magic stat, and GFs also learn Mag+% abilities to boost it further.

However, spells in Final Fantasy VIII are mainly intended for junctioning and when used in battle, most offensive spells are significantly weaker than in previous games and usually inferior to physical attacks unless the opponent is weak against the particular element. Further, as there is no penalty to summoning in Final Fantasy VIII, magic spells are rarely used for offensive purposes. Higher Magic stat does, however, allow the character to draw magic from opponents more efficiently. Every spell has its own "draw resist" value, and if the unit's Magic stat is too weak, their draw might fail completely.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Magic determines the power of spells and summon magic and other magical abilities.

The formula for Magic is:

The MagBase values differ from character to character, but never change. The MagBonus is the only way the player can affect the Magic growth and every level the bonus goes up by a rate that's worked out from the character's current stat increases. For example, if the character has equipment that gives extra Magic, then MagBonus will go up by that amount every time they level up. In addition the MagBonus will go up by 3 per level. Dagger has the highest potential maximum Magic stat (see Final Fantasy IX Max Stats FAQ by KADFC).

Steiner's Magic Break ability lowers a target's Magic and can be used repeatedly. Vivi's Focus increases his Magic up to the maximum of 99 during battle.

Final Fantasy X[]

Magic determines the power of magical attacks. The characters gain Magic by activating Magic nodes on the Sphere Grid. Yuna gets the best Magic from her path on the grid, but eventually, every character is able to traverse any path. The player can use Magic Spheres to attain higher stats; the spheres can be obtained by fighting Jumbo Flan in the Monster Arena.

The Magic+??% abilities on a character's weapon work by directly increasing magical damage; they do not affect the Magic stat, nor attacks based on Magic but are not considered magical, such as Fury (Overdrives are considered "special" damage; neither magical or physical).

Lulu's Focus ability increases Magic by 1 each use and can be stacked up to five times.

Just because an attack is affected by Magic and/or Magic Defense does not make it a magical attack, and vice versa; these are two separate attack attributes. There are even some enemy attacks where the damage is determined by Magic and Magic Defense but are still considered physical attacks (and thus their damage can be halved with Protect).

Aeons have separate stats that increase in conjunction with Yuna's, but the player can boost them manually, and the stats gradually increase when the player fights more battles (any battles count). Of all the aeons, Mindy of the Magus Sisters has the highest Magic, whereas Yojimbo has the lowest.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Magic determines the power of spells as well as other attacks that are magical in nature. Each dressphere has its own stats and the stats grow naturally when the girls level up. Accessories can boost the stat even further. Black Mage has the best Magic of all normal jobs, and Berserker the lowest.

There are two formulas in which Magic is taken into account.

"Regular" magic spells and recovery spells follow the following formula:

"Special" magic spells follow the following formula:


The color for the Magic gauge in the menu is green.

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Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission[]

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Final Fantasy XI[]

Magic Attack is an unseen stat that affects the power of direct damage spells such as Blizzard. Black Mages typically have the highest Magic Attack due to their Magic Attack Bonus trait.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Magick Power determines the damage of magick attacks, effectiveness of negative status magicks, and the healing power of healing spells. It also boosts the power of katana and staves and wholly determines the physical attack power of maces.

Each character has their own magick growth, with Ashe and Penelo having the best natural magick growth and Balthier the worst.

Formula for a character's Magick stat:

Base + (Level x Modifier)/128[2]
  • Base = Base value. Different character has different values.
  • Level = The current level of the character.

List of characters' base (BA) and modifier (MO) values:

Character Base Modifier
Vaan 20 57
Balthier 17 51
Fran 18 54
Basch 20 50
Ashe 21 63
Penelo 18 66
Reks 21 60
Larsa 21 66
Vossler 20 50
Reddas 21 60


The Espers also have their own Magick stats.

Esper Base Modifier
Belias 46 75
Mateus 46 75
Adrammelech 46 75
Zalera 46 75
Cúchulainn 46 75
Shemhazai 46 75
Hashmal 48 75
Zeromus 46 75
Exodus 46 75
Famfrit 53 76
Chaos 53 76
Ultima 46 77
Zodiark 45 78


Magick Power is boosted via equipment, with the Mystic Armor having the best boosts. Magick Lores add +1 to the user's Magick Power when purchased. Magick Power is capped at 99 so any overflow is wasted.

The accuracy underflow bug is a glitch in some versions of Final Fantasy XII where a low level character with extremely low Magick attempts to use a status move on a target with very high Vitality, and the accuracy of the spell becomes less than zero, the accuracy will underflow to 100%, allowing certain status spells to always succeed.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Magick Power determines the power of spells and other magick attacks. It can be boosted via appropriate equipment and by leveling up.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Magic is gained via the Crystarium system, and characters can also boost their magic via weapons and accessories. In addition to boosting the potency of offensive spells and healing spells, a higher Magic stat will result in longer-lasting status enhancements and status ailments. Because Faith and the Power Surge passive abilities directly affect the Magic stat, they also increase the duration.

Unlike in most other games, the Magic stat is no longer capped at 99 or 255, and instead rises to the thousands for characters with maxed out Crystarium and weapons. Magic tends to be inferior to physical attacks when it comes to dealing damage, as Ravagers lack the passive damage boost from the Commando role bonus, and Ruin is slightly weaker than Attack.

The battle results screen displays the battle's target time. The characters' physical or magic attack stat, whichever is higher, is one of the factors that affects the target time; the stronger the party, the less allotted time they get.

Hope has the best natural Magic stat. With a maxed out Crystarium, equipping him with four maxed out Magistral Crests and a maxed out Nue from the upgraded Hawkeye grants him a total of 4,017 points in Magic.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Icon representation for Magic.

Magic is once again gained via the Crystarium system. Serah has better Magic growth than Noel and both can raise it by equipping various weapons and accessories. As for the recruitable monsters, they can raise their Magic not only via the Crystarium, but the infusion as well. Like in Final Fantasy XIII, Magic is not capped to either 99 or 255.

Magic is not considered in the star rating on the battle results screen as monsters have set "Enemy Points" which are taken into account when determining the target time.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

Magic icon.

Magic increases the power of magical attacks and duration of inflicted status ailments. Lightning starts with 200 Magic, with a minimum value of 5 and a maximum value of 5,000, or 9,999 with the Limit Break setting activated.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Called "Spell Power," this defines the total power of offensive spells based on Intelligence, Determination, and other factors. A related stat is "Healing Power," which defines the strength of healing magic.

Final Fantasy XV[]

Magic affects the damage done with elemancy, the Ring of the Lucii's Death and Holy abilities, the Bow of the Clever, the Scepter of the Pious, Gravisphere, Libra Elementia, and Sagefire, as well as the explosions from Prompto's bazooka and lumen flare while controlling him. This damage can be modified by equipping weapons, accessories, attire, or acquiring food buffs that boost the Magic stat. The Ascension Grid lacks a node for increasing the Magic stat for the party, and Noctis's Magic stat is noticeably higher than the others'.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Magic Power determines the power of spells, which is also boosted by the character's Faith stat. The characters' stat growth depends on which job they are in when they gain a level; jobs like Black Mage and White Mage offer the best boosts to magic stats. Magic can also be boosted via equipment.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[]

The higher the number, the more damage the spell will deal. The damage formula for spells are.

Black magic:

Wizard magic:

The Final Fantasy Legend[]

Mana determines the damage and power of the spells that the character cast.

Final Fantasy Legend II[]

Magic Power is called Mana in the game. Some weapons use the Mana stat instead of the usual Str stat for its damage formula. This stat impacts damage dealt with magical attacks and damage received by magical attacks that aren't physical attacks. Damage received from physical attacks that depend on Mana such as the Psi weaponry are not impacted by the target's Mana, only the target's normal Defense. Mana can be raised by using magical attacks during battle, but caps at 99, and can be raised higher by equipping items like Hecate.

All robots and robot-type enemies, except WarMach and Arsenal, have 0 Mana and cannot raise it by any means. This means that all robots are generally weak against the damaging Mana-based abilities and are difficult to heal using the Mana-based healing abilities.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

The Magic stat affects the degree of damage and accuracy of magic attacks.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

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Final Fantasy Explorers[]

M-Attack: might of magical attacks. Reflected in Magic stat.

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Magic or sorcery is an attempt to understand, experience and influence the world using rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language that are believed to exploit supernatural forces.

Mana is an indigenous Pacific Islander concept of an impersonal force (false ego) or quality that resides in people, animals, and inanimate objects.