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The enchanted magic pots are enemies in Final Fantasy XI found in a number of areas of Vana'diel, typically, but not exclusively, in dungeons. While primarily mages, they are able to attack with a spinning motion that can at times knock an attacker backwards and out of range.

With access to a number of both damaging and enfeebling spells, these pots are able to cast a variety of spells, and are able to regenerate MP when needed. Magic Pots also have extremely high magic defense.

As carrying vessels, defeated pots can drop a number of items. The pots themselves seems to be made of Mercury and Magic Pot Shards, since those items can be found on all defeated pots. Also found inside pots are keys, gems, scrolls and occasionally a testimony.

Regular Monsters[]

  • Aura Pot
  • Clockwork Pod
  • Demonic Millstone
  • Droma
  • Dustbuster
  • Hover Tank
  • Magic Flagon
  • Magic Jar
  • Magic Jug
  • Magic Millstone
  • Magic Pot
  • Magic Urn
  • Maledict Millstone
  • Sinister Seidel
  • Sprinkler

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Air Pot
  • Ancient Vessel
  • Apollyon Cleaner
  • Earth Pot
  • Eldhrimnir
  • Fire Pot
  • Fired Urn
  • Hovering Hotpot
  • Ice Pot
  • Illusory Pot
  • Jackpot
  • Mind Hoarder
  • Nightmare Vase
  • Olla Grande
  • Olla Media
  • Olla Pequena
  • Rogue Receptacle
  • Sacrificial Goblet
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Temenos Cleaner
  • Thunder Pot
  • Water Pot

Special Attacks[]