Template:FFD Enemy Magic Pot is an enemy in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It can be encountered in certain areas of Castle Burtgang and of the Tower of Trials, and possibly in some other locations as well.

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Magic Pot a unique enemy because it is immune to ordinary attacks and makes no attacks of its own. Instead, it asks for a certain item; either a hi-potion, an ether, or an elixir. When the requested item is used upon it, it may give a "Thanks!" message and kill itself, allowing the player to claim its battle rewards. Failing to provide the requested item within a short period of time will invariably result in the Magic Pot fleeing the battle, yielding no rewards. Additionally, sometimes a Magic Pot will still flee and give no rewards even if it is immediately given the requested item; it is not clear what, if any, factors influence the chance of successfully appeasing the Magic Pot.

The amount of AP it gives is not fixed and may be either 7 or 77; Magic Pots requesting more valuable items appear to be more likely to give 77 AP, although this is not certain.

Magic Pots carry an elixir which may be stolen from them, although the chance of successfully stealing it is low and there will only be time to make a few attempts before the enemy either flees or is defeated. Hunting Magic Pots can thus be an easy way to farm for elixirs, given enough patience.

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