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Magic materia is one of five categories of materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is used for materia that will grant magic spells, which can provide offensive potential or healing. Equipping the material will grant the character a spell in their slot. All spells require MP to use. Magic Materia can be linked with Support Materia Support Materia. Offensive spells can deal critical hits.

List of materia[]

Materia Element Resistances Stat changes Spells AP for level Price Obtained
Healing Materia None None Max MP +1 1 Cure Cure 0 600 Initially equipped: Barret Wallace
Rewarded: "Reach the Sector 8 Station"
2 Cura Cura 300
3 Regen Regen 450
4 Curaga Curaga 450
Allows you to use healing spells.
Cleansing Materia None None Max MP +1 1 Poisona Poisona 0 300 Unlocked: Complete "Rat Problem" quest or reach "Dogged Pursuit"
2 Esuna Esuna 300
3 Resist Resist 900
Allows you to use curative spells.
Revival Materia None None Max MP +2, Magic Attack +2, Magic Defense +1, Magic +1, Spirit +1 1 Raise Raise 0 3,000 Found: "Rendezvous at the Empty Lot"
2 Arise Arise 5000
Allows you to use revival spells.
Fire Materia Fire Fire None Max MP +1 1 Fire Fire 0 500 Initially equipped: Cloud Strife
2 Fira Fira 300
3 Firaga Firaga 900
Allows you to use fire magic.
Ice Materia Ice Ice None Max MP +1 1 Blizzard Blizzard 0 500 Find: "A Job for the Neighborhood Watch", "In Solitude"
Initially equipped: Aerith Gainsborough
2 Blizzara Blizzara 300
4 Blizzaga Blizzaga 900
Allows you to use ice magic.
Lightning Materia Lightning Lightning None Max MP +1 1 Thunder Thunder 0 500 Initially equipped: Barret Wallace
2 Thundara Thundara 300
3 Thundaga Thundaga 900
Allows you to use lightning magic.
Wind Materia Wind Wind None Max MP +1 1 Aero Aero 0 2,000 Unlocked: Battle Intel 02 required
2 Aerora Aerora 300
3 Aeroga Aeroga 900
Allows you to use wind magic.
Poison Materia None Poison Poison Max MP +1 1 Bio Bio 0 1,500 Available: "Secret Passageway"
Found: "Crossing the Trunk Line"
2 Biora Biora 300
3 Bioga Bioga 900
Allows you to use toxin-related spells.
Barrier Materia None None Max MP +2, Magic Attack +2, Magic Defense +1, Magic +1, Spirit +1 1 Barrier Barrier 0 1,500 Reward: "Remaining Payment"
2 Manaward Manaward 300
3 Manawall Manawall 900
Allows you to use defensive spells.
Binding Materia None Sleep Sleep/Silence Silence/Berserk Berserk Max MP +1 1 Sleep Sleep 0 3,000 Found: "Working Together"
Buy: The Town That Never Sleeps onward.
2 Silence Silence 300
3 Berserk Berserk 900
Allows you to use disruptive spells.
Subversion Materia None Instant Death Instant Death Max MP +2, Magic Attack +2, Magic Defense +1, Magic +1, Spirit +1 1 Breach Breach 0 3,000 Reward: "Shadow in the Control Room"
2 Dispel Dispel 1200
Allows you to use subversive spells.
Time Materia None Slow Slow/Stop Stop Max MP +2, Magic Attack +2, Magic Defense +1, Magic +1, Spirit +1 1 Haste Haste 0 5,000 Reward: "Missing Children"
Found: "Research the 3rd Ward"
Buy: Vending machines Ch.15+
2 Slow Slow 300
3 Stop Stop 900
Allows you to use time magic.


Magic or sorcery is an attempt to understand, experience and influence the world using rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language that are believed to exploit supernatural forces.

Materia means "matter" or "substance" in Latin, Spanish, and Italian; it also means "subject" in Italian and Spanish, and is the ascendant of Portuguese "Matéria".