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Magic Lamp in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Demons rejoice in tempting Man with bewitching words, sweet as nectar, luring all but those with the most stolid of natures. Of all their temptations, one of the most famous is the magick lamp, said to grant wishes, which indeed it does...though the price be mortally dear.

The Magic Lamp (魔法のランプ, Mahō no Ranpu?), also known as the Magical Lamp or the Magick Lamp, is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series. It is often a miscellaneous or key item, and it has a different effect in each game.


Final Fantasy V[]

Lamp that summons a random monster when used in battle.


The Magic Lamp is obtained at Istory Falls after riding Boko for the first time in the merged world. When used, it will call a summon by decreasing order of power each turn it is used, starting with Bahamut and ending with Chocobo. The Lamp can be recharged in a spring in the Great Sea Trench near the area where Phobos, Triton, and Nereid are fought. It can also be recharged in the same spot in Istory Falls where it was originally collected.

After every summon has been used, the Magic Lamp will keep summoning Chocobo. After 19 Chocobo summons, Eggman will be summoned instead, who will attempt to use Egg Chop, but will fail. Eggman's sprite does not appear in any version, and the words "Too far away!" ("Can't reach" in the PlayStation version) are displayed with no damage being done to the enemy. Eggman will keep being summoned every time the Magic Lamp is used until it is recharged. The Magic Lamp will not summon Phoenix, nor will Odin use Gungnir when summoned via the Magic Lamp.

Used Summon Summon Attack
0 Bahamut Mega Flare
1 Leviathan Tsunami
2 Odin Zantetsuken
3 Syldra Thunderstorm
4 Carbuncle Ruby Light
5 Catoblepas Demon Eye
6 Golem Earthen Wall
7 Titan Gaia's Wrath
8 Ifrit Hellfire
9 Ramuh Judgment Bolt
10 Shiva Diamond Dust
11 Remora Constrict
12 Sylph Whisperwind
13~31 Chocobo Chocobo Kick/Fat Chocobo
32~ Eggman Egg Chop

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Cid gives Squall the Magical Lamp.

Cid Kramer gives the Magical Lamp to Squall upon leaving for the SeeD mission in Timber. If the player heads immediately in the direction of the Garden after the conversation, the scene where Cid would give the item will not trigger, and in that case the player must head back to Cid's office and talk to him there before boarding on the train for Timber to get it, or it will be missed. The player can also sell the lamp, thus missing the chance of acquiring Diablos.

When used, a battle against Diablos commences. If victorious, the party will receive the summonable Guardian Force, Diablos, and his Triple Triad card. The lamp can be used any time, even during a Laguna dream. The lamp's description warns the player should save before using it.

Magical Lamps can also be obtained from the Chocobo World minigame (not available in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered) by finding A items as Boko.

Final Fantasy XII[]

A thin wisp of smoke rises from the mouth of this golden lamp. Once used to entrap the souls of demons, bound into service upon their release.


The Magick Lamp is one of the seventeen curious treasures. It is loot, selling for 1,753 gil, and is one of the items necessary to get the Firefly in the Bazaar. It can be stolen from the rare game Helvinek (common) and Elite Mark Ixion (rare), and is a rare poach or a monograph drop from Mallicant.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

The Magic Lamp can be equipped to a party for one-time use. It guarantees a successful summon in Battle Music Sequences (BMS) even if the Feature Drive sequence is not performed adequately.It is obtained randomly after completing a Music Stage.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

The Magick Lamp is an item used in Battle Music Sequences. It ensures successful summoning during Feature Zone. It is obtained randomly after completing a Music Stage.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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The item's name derives from Aladdin, one of the tales in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights.