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Magic Flask.

You can never have too many tools. Here—learn to wield not only weapons, but magic as well. Just remember: it's a destructive force that doesn't discriminate. I suggest putting someone in charge of it.

Cor Leonis when he gives Noctis a Magic Flask

The Magic Flask (マジックボトル, Majikku Botoru?, lit. Magic Bottle) is a key item in Final Fantasy XV used in the creation and execution of Elemancy. Spherical bottles that can be packed with refined magic, and each flask can carry a certain number of "charges" of a spell before it becomes empty and can be filled again.

Magic Flasks hardly resemble a flask or bottle, as their name would imply, instead looking like a sphere with small, transparent designs that show the glowing spell housed within. Because of this design and how they are used in the game, they have been referred to as "spell bombs" or "magic grenades."


Magic Flask on the Rock of Ravatogh in FFXV

Magic Flask on the Rock of Ravatogh.

Magic flask locations reset when using chapter select or New Game Plus, meaning the player can collect up to 99 Magic Flasks if they replay the game.

The flasks can be found in following locations:

  • The party starts with a flask.
  • Receive from David Auburnbrie when the party saves him from the Three Valleys' shack in Chapter 1 (contains Fire with a potency of 99).
  • Receive from Monica at the Prairie Outpost in Chapter 2.
  • A narrow side street in Lestallum, entered from the main street.
  • Receive from Iris Amicitia when met at Leville hotel in Lestallum in Chapter 3.
  • Receive from Jared Hester at Leville. If the player misses talking to him, the flask will be on the grave near the cliff in Cape Caem later.
  • Receive in Chapter 5 after Gentiana whispers to Noctis of the runestone of Ramuh.
  • In the Fociaugh Hollow dungeon.
  • In Cape Caem hideout on the floor in the kitchen.
  • In the Steyliff Grove dungeon before Noctis must squeeze through a crevice.
  • In the Rock of Ravatogh dungeon, right before the two scorpions on the steps, leading up to the wyverns.
  • In the Pitioss Ruins dungeon.
  • Talk to Cor before boarding the royal vessel at the end of Chapter 8. (Missable)
  • A secret 14th flask is found in the sands of Galdin Quay beach near the tackle shop from Chapter 9 onwards. (Image)

Some players were able to collect a 15th Flask in a single playthrough due to a glitch. If one cleared the Pitioss Ruins on patch 1.04, and returned on 1.05, they’d see all of the puzzles still cleared, but with all the items respawned, allowing them to be picked up again.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Tekken 7Edit

Noctis uses multiple Magic Flasks during one of his attacks: Thunder Impact, Flare Drive, Blizzard Spike, Thunder Strike, and Fire Blast.


Magic or sorcery is an attempt to understand, experience and influence the world using rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language that are believed to exploit supernatural forces.


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