Magic Break as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

You place too much trust in your Magicks!

Auron, Final Fantasy X

Magic Break (マジックブレイク, Majikku Bureiku) attacks the target's Magic Power, or their MP.


Final Fantasy VII

On the Battle Square, the possible handicaps include Materia Break handicaps, which may break the player's Magic, Summon, Command, Support or Independent Materia. The All Break handicap breaks all of the player's Materia, but is usually only seen as the final handicap. When the player's Materia has been broken, all skills and stat boosts associated with said Materia are nulled.

Final Fantasy IX

Magic Break is one of Steiner's Sword Arts. It costs 4 MP to use, and can be learned for 25 AP from the Flame Saber. It has a 50% accuracy rate, but can be used repeatedly. The formula for Magic Break is as follows:


Final Fantasy X

Magic Break is found on Auron's area of the Sphere Grid and halves the target's Magic Power andi s not cumulative. It can be healed by Dispel, and ends if the target is KO'ed during battle. It can also be inflicted via the Full Break ability, also found on Auron's Sphere Grid path and via some of Rikku's mixes. Some enemy attacks also inflict it upon the party. Some enemies are immune against Magic Break.

Final Fantasy X-2

Magic Break is used by the Warrior dressphere for 4 MP. It takes 30 AP to learn. It deals physical damage to a target and decreases their MAG by -2 levels. It also appears in the form of Magic Eraser, usable by Rikku while in Mascot, which targets all enemies.

Final Fantasy XI

Mind Break is an enemy ability used by Ahrimans. It lowers the max MP of all targets in its area of effect.

Final Fantasy XII

Addle is a Technick which halves one foe's Magick Power. It has 66% base accuracy and can be used repeatedly, but is not as effective on repeated uses. Once the effect has been applied, it is permanent, and the opponent can't remove it. Addle can be bought in Rabanastre and Archades for 3,500 gil, and can be used for 30 License Points.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Addle costs 50 LP and can be used by Breaker, Archer and Time Mage, although the Time Mage must acquire the license for Zeromus first.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings


Final Fantasy XIII

Defaith is a negative Status Effect in Final Fantasy XIII that significantly lowers the target's Magic damage. Target with Defaith has their Magic power decreases by 88%, and also affects the party's magical Full ATB Skills, Hope's Last Resort and Vanille's Death. Defaith cannot be inflicted by the player party. It can be cured with Esuna or Dispel and can be canceled with the Faith status.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Magic Break, known as Rend Magick in the PSP remake, is an ability available to the Knight job class, learned for 250 JP, which reduces the target's MP. Template:Sec-stub

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Magic Break is used by both Soldiers and Warriors. The Fencer's Manastrike is similar to it. Magic Break can be learned from the Ancient Sword for 200 AP. Template:Sec-stub

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Rend Magick is an ability used by the Soldier and Warrior job classes, which lower's the target's Magic power if the target is in weapon range. It is learned for 250 AP through the Buster Sword for the Soldier, while for Warriors it is learned for 200 AP. Template:Sec-stub





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