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Magic Barrier is a Blue Magic spell from Final Fantasy XI. It is a defensive spell that can be learned by Blue Mages at level 67.


Magic Barrier can be learned from most Ahriman enemies who use the ability. The easiest area to learn this spell would be in the default and Shadowreign versions of Castle Zvahl, due to both areas having a high number of Ahriman-type enemies.


When used, Magic Barrier creates a barrier that absorbs magical damage equal to the caster's Blue Magic skill (including gear and Merits) for a duration of 5 minutes. It is self-cast only, but can be spread to other party members when cast after using the ability Diffusion. Players must be mindful when playing with White Mages and Scholars, as the effects of the default Stoneskin White Magic spell will override Magic Barrier's effect. In addition, the Blue Mage's Diamondhide spell can also override the spell's effect.

Magic Barrier costs 3 Blue Magic Points to set. When set, it grants MP +7 and INT +2 stat bonuses to the player. Magic Barrier can be combined with the Metallic Body, Mysterious Light, and Hecatomb Wave spells to create the Max MP Boost Job Trait. It takes 10 seconds to cast and can be recast every 60 seconds.