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Magic menu (iOS/Android).

Magic (まほう, Mahō?) is a command in Final Fantasy VI that allows the character to cast one of many forms of spells.

Magic spells are divided into three categories. Any party member, with the exceptions of Gogo and Umaro, can learn any spell by equipping the appropriate esper's magicite, although Gogo can still use the Magic command by mimicking other party members. Some spells are also taught by certain equipment pieces. Terra and Celes learn some spells naturally.

The majority of spells are affected by both Runic and Reflect. Magic changes into Dualcast if a character is equipped with the Soul of Thamasa relic; the only drawback is that the character cannot summon the esper they have equipped. Magic command is disabled if the user is silenced.

In the Japanese version, the Magitek command is also named Magic and possessing the same spelling as this command. The mobile version of the Magitek abilities are classified like the party's magic spells they can learn from magicite; Healing, Attack, and Effect.


Magic is divided in three categories: Healing (identified with the white sphere next to the spell's name), which consists of spells like Cure, Raise, and Esuna; Attack magic (identified with the black sphere next to the spell's name), which consists in spells that focus in causing damage to the target like Fire, Blizzard, and Flare; and Effect spells (identified with the gray sphere next to the spell's name), which consist of supportive spells like Slow, Protect, and Haste.

The formula for calculating how much damage a character's magic attacks can do is as follows:

$ Damage = Spell Power * 4 + (Level * Spell Power * Magic Power / 32) $

If the caster is equipped with an Earring or a Hero Ring, the damage is multiplied by 5/4. If the caster is equipped with two Earrings, two Hero Rings, or one of each, the damage is multiplied by 3/2.

If the spell has multiple targets, then:

$ Damage = Damage / 2 $

(Certain spells ignore this step)

If the caster is in the Trance (Morph) status (this will almost always apply only to Terra, but in the SNES version anyone can have the Trance status due to the Rippler bug), then:

$ Damage = Damage * 2 $

Next, the game factors in random variance.

$ Damage = (Damage * (224...255) / 256) + 1 $

(Spells cast by using rods or shields as items ignore this step)

Next, the game factors in the target's Magic Defense.

$ Damage = (Damage * (255 - target's Magic Defense) / 256) + 1 $

(Many spells ignore this step)

Next, if the target has the Shell status, then:

$ Damage = (Damage * 170 / 256) + 1 $

(Many spells ignore this step)

Next, if the target has the Trance (Morph) status, then:

$ Damage = Damage / 2 $

If the target is petrified, the damage is reduced to 0 at this point. Otherwise, the game now checks elemental properties, which finalizes the damage. Elemental properties are checked in this order:

  • If Force Field is in effect for the element in question, the damage reduces to 0.
  • If the target absorbs the element in question, the damage remains the same, but the attack heals the target.
  • If the target is immune to the element in question, the damage reduces to 0.
  • If the target is resistant to the element in question, the damage halved.
  • If the target is weak to the element in question, the damage doubles.
  • Otherwise, the damage remains the same.

If one of the elemental checks is true, the game does not check subsequent steps.

Celes's Runic command can nullify cast magic, either the enemies' or the player party's. If the character is afflicted with Imp, the only spell they can use is the Imp spell.

The damage done by spells used as added abilities from weapons is determined as normal, with a few exceptions. These spells do not ignore the caster's row, so from the back row they will do half damage, unless the weapon that cast the spell ignores row. The damage multiplier added by Jump affects the spell, so if the character jumps and casts a spell with the equipped weapon, the spell does extra damage. If the weapon does automatic critical hits, the spell does a critical as well even though spells normally can't do critical hits. However, if the weapon does a critical because of the standard 1 in 32 chance, the spell does not do a critical.

List of spellsEdit


The Summon command is integrated within the Magic command. The currently equipped esper can be accessed inside the Magic command by pressing Up while on the magic list window mid-battle. Espers can be summoned once per battle.


FF6 Healing Magic Icon
FFVI iOS Healing Magic Icon

Healing is restorative magic with a white dot before its name. It focuses on recovery magic.

Name Effect MP Cost Power Hit Rate Learn Rate
Cure Heals minor amount of HP. 5 10 Kirin x5
Shiva x4
Seraph x20
Lakshmi x25
Terra: Level 1
Celes: Level 4
Restores HP.
(Cure 2)
Heals moderate amount of HP. 25 28 Kirin x1
Unicorn x4
Golem x5
Seraph x8
Lakshmi x16
Terra: Level 33
Restores HP.
(Cure 3)
Heals major amount of HP. 40 66 Lakshmi x1
Phoenix x3
Restores HP.
Revives knocked out party member with small amount of HP. 30 2 Bismarck x2
Seraph x5
Phoenix x10
Terra: Level 18
Revives a KO'd target.
(Life 2)
Revives knocked out party member with all of their HP. 60 16 Phoenix x2
Terra: Level 49
Revives and fully restores the HP of a KO'd target.
Removes Poison and Sap status ailment from one ally. 3 Kirin x4
Terra: Level 6
Celes: Level 8
Removes poison status from the target.
Removes Blind, Poison, Petrify, Silence, Confuse, Sap, Sleep, Slow, and Stop. 15 Unicorn x3
Seraph x4
Lakshmi x20
Alexander x15
Removes most status ailments from the target.
Regen Target gradually recovers HP. 10 Kirin x3
Seraph x10
Lakshmi x20
Gradually restores the target's HP.
(Life 3)
If target is knocked out, revives him/her with small amount of HP. 50 Phoenix x1
Automatically revives the target the next time he or she is KO'd.


FF6 Offensive Magic Icon
FFVI iOS Attack Magic Icon

Attack is offensive magic with a black dot before its name. These spells focus on offensive damaging elemental and non-elemental attacks.

Name Effect MP Cost Power Hit Rate Learn Rate
Fire Weak fire-elemental attack. 4 21 150 Siren x6
Ifrit x10
Bismarck x20
Terra: Level 3
Attacks with fire.
Weak ice-elemental attack. 5 22 150 Shiva x10
Bismarck x20
Celes: Level 1
Attacks with ice.
Weak lightning-elemental attack. 6 20 150 Ramuh x10
Bismarck x20
Attacks with lightning.
Poison Weak poison-elemental attack. 3 25 100 Ramuh x5
Inflicts poison on the target.
Drain Absorbs target's HP to heal self. Ignores Reflect. 15 38 100 Ifrit x1
Terra: Level 12
Absorbs HP from the target.
(Fire 2)
Moderate fire-elemental attack. 20 60 150 Ifrit x5
Maduin x3
Flame Shield x5
Terra: Level 22
Attacks with fire.
(Ice 2)
Moderate ice-elemental attack. 21 62 150 Shiva x5
Maduin x3
Ice Shield x5
Celes: Level 26
Attacks with ice.
(Bolt 2)
Moderate lightning-elemental attack. 22 61 150 Ramuh x2
Maduin x3
Thunder Shield x5
Attacks with lightning.
Bio Powerful poison-elemental attack. 26 53 120 Catoblepas x8
Releases a bacterial cloud.
(Fire 3)
Powerful fire-elemental attack. 51 121 150 Valigarmanda x1
Phoenix x3
Terra: Level 43
Attacks with fire.
(Ice 3)
Powerful ice-elemental attack. 52 122 150 Valigarmanda x1
Celes: Level 42
Attacks with ice.
(Bolt 3)
Powerful lightning-elemental attack. 53 120 150 Valigarmanda x1
Attacks with lightning.
Break Inflict Petrify on target. 25 120 Catoblepas x5
Terra: Level 68
Inflicts petrification on the target.
Inflict Death on target. 35 95 Catoblepas x2
KO's the target.
Powerful holy-elemental attack. 40 108 150 Alexander x2
Terra: Level 57
Celes: Level 72
Attacks with holy energy.
Flare Powerful non-elemental attack that pierces defenses. 45 60 150 Bahamut x2
Celes: Level 81
Blasts the target with concentrated thermal explosions.
Reduces target's HP by 1/2. Ignores Reflect. 33 8 120 Phantom x5
Reduces the target's HP by 1/2.
Reduces HP of all enemies by 3/4. Ignores Reflect. 48 12 100 Diabolos x5
Midgardsormr x1
Terra: Level 75
Reduces the target's HP by 3/4.
Removes target from battle. Delays final attack one turn. Ignores Runic (GBA/mobile/steam only) and Reflect. 53 85 Fenrir x5
Cursed Ring x5
Banishes enemies to another dimension.
Meteor Powerful non-elemental attack on all enemies. Ignores defense and split damage. Also ignores Runic and Reflect. 63 36 Crusader x10
Odin x1
Celes: Level 98
Rains meteors down upon enemies for massive damage.
Ultima Powerful non-elemental attack on all enemies that ignores defense. Ignores Reflect. 80 150 Ragnarok x1
Paladin's Shield x1
Terra: Level 99
Attacks all enemies with powerful, lost magic.
Quake Powerful earth-elemental attack on all allies and enemies. Fails on Floating targets. Ignores Runic and Reflect. 50 111 150 Midgardsormr x3
Opens a rift in the earth that swallows up and damages all enemies and allies.
(W Wind)
Reduces HP of all allies and enemies by 15/16ths. Ignores Runic and Reflect. 75 15 100 Midgardsormr x1
Evokes scouring winds that reduce all enemies and allies to critical HP levels.
Powerful, defense-ignoring fire/wind-elemental attack on all allies and enemies. Ignores Runic and Reflect. 85 138 Crusader x1
Terra: Level 86
Envelops all enemies and allies in ultra-hot flame.
Flood Powerful water-elemental attack on all enemies. Ignores Runic and Reflect. 60 100 150 Leviathan x2
Traps enemies in a violent, damaging stream of water.
Gravija Reduces HP of all enemies by 7/8. Ignores Reflect. 70 14 Diabolos x3
Reduces the HP of all enemies by 7/8.


FF6 Status Magic Icon
FFVI iOS Effect Magic Icon

Effect is status magic with a gray dot before its name. These spells focus on supportive magic.

Name Effect MP Cost Power Hit Rate Learn Rate
Detect target's HP, MP, Level and weaknesses. 4 222 Kirin x5
Celes: Level 18
Reveals the target's level, HP, MP, and elemental weaknesses.
Slow Reduces target's speed. 5 120 Siren x7
Quetzalli x20
Reduces the target's speed.
Rasp Damages MP of target. 12 10 150 Shiva x4
Zona Seeker x20
Damages the target's MP.
Inflicts Silence on target. 8 100 Siren x8
Inflicts silence on the target.
Raises physical defense of target. 12 Carbuncle x2
Golem x5
Alexander x10
Unicorn x1
Celes: Level 22
Places a magical shield around the target that boosts physical defense.
Sleep Inflicts Sleep on target. 5 111 Siren x10
Inflicts sleep on the target.
Inflicts Confuse on target. 8 94 Cait Sith x7
Celes: Level 32*(Not learned in the original versions due to a bug.)
Inflicts confusion on the target.
Haste Increases speed of target. 10 Carbuncle x3
Quetzalli x20
Celes: Level 32
Increases the target's speed.
Stop Stops movement of target. 15 100 Golem x5
Fenrir x3
Stops the flow of time around the target, preventing it from acting.
Inflicts Berserk on target. 16 150 Phantom x3
Celes: Level 40
Inflicts berserk status on the target.
Float Inflicts Float on target. 17 Cait Sith x2
Quetzalli x5
Causes the target to float in midair.
Imp Inflicts Imp on target. Ignores Runic except for the Super Nintendo release. 10 100 Cait Sith x5
Saucer x1
Tortoise Shield x1
Reed Cloak x1
Celes: Level 13
Inflicts imp status on the target, or removes it if already inflicted.
Reflects some magical attacks. 22 Carbuncle x5
Places a barrier around the target that reflects magic back at its caster.
Shell Raises magical defense of target. 15 Carbuncle x2
Zona Seeker x5
Alexander x10
Unicorn x1
Force Shield x5
Places a magical shield around the target that boosts magic defense.
Vanish Inflicts Invisible on target. Ignores Reflect. 18 Phantom x3
Cactuar x10
Celes: Level 48
Turns the target invisible.
Increases speed of all allies. 38 Quetzalli x2
Cactuar x5
Celes: Level 52
Increases all allies' speed.
(Slow 2)
Reduces speed of all enemies. 26 150 Quetzalli x2
Reduces all enemies' speed.
Osmose Absorbs target's MP. Ignores Reflect. 1 26 150 Shiva x4
Zona Seeker x15
Absorbs MP from the enemy.
Escape from battle/dungeons. 20 Carbuncle x2
Fenrir x10
Cactuar x20
Terra: Level 26
Teleports the party out of a dungeon or battle.
Quick Allows target to input two commands. 99 Gilgamesh x1
Raiden x1
Allows the target two actions each turn by stopping time for everyone else.
Dispel Removes Invisible, Image, Berserk, Regen, Slow, Haste, Stop, Shell, Protect, Reflect, Reraise, and Float. 25 Unicorn x2
Alexander x10
Terra: Level 37
Removes all magical effects on the target.
Valor Doubles power of next attack. 20 Gilgamesh x5
Increases the damage dealt by each ally's next physical attack.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

The characters use their magic spells from Final Fantasy VI.

Ability Cards
Legend Cards



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Magic or sorcery is an attempt to understand, experience and influence the world using rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language that are believed to exploit supernatural forces.


  • When Terra first casts magic in battle after leaving Figaro Castle with Locke and Edgar in the party, the latter two will be surprised she can use magic. The scene is available until the party enters Mt. Kolts.

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