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Maggie is a boss at Moschet Manor in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. She has no HP bar, and defeating her does not end the battle. She fights along side her husband, Jack Moschet. As soon as Jack is attacked, she joins the battle.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Maggie will stay close to Jack while she fights, making it difficult to damage her without getting hit by Jack's attacks. The main threat she represents is slowing caravanners while healing Jack, as long as she is in the battle. She does not damage the player very much, so close, constant physical attacks are safer in this battle than most.

  • Fan Smack - Maggie's basic move is swinging both of her giant fans in front of her. Whenever her spells get interrupted, she will retaliate with this attack, knocking back anyone too close.
  • Slowga - Just like the Malboro, Maggie is able to conjure clock images which will burst, slowing all characters in a wide area. Either running away from the casting circle or making Maggie flinch are the best ways to avoid being affected.
  • Stop - Later in the battle Maggie will also cast Stop. It has a smaller range than Slowga, but it casts a little faster and has a more devastating effect.

Strategy Edit

The player should defeat Maggie before focusing on Jack. She will never stray too far from the Gigas, so finding a safe spot might be hard. The best way to finish Maggie is to use Focus attacks to disrupt her Slowga and Stop spells. Attacking Jack is useless because she will only heal him. She does not remain in the battle for very long, so attack fast.

Maggie has been defeated when she runs back to her room in the manor (the southeast room). She won't go inside the room but will only stay standing at the door, but won't attack or heal Jack. If the player wishes to boost "Boss Slaying" skills, simply freeze Maggie with Blizzara and hammer Jack with a Fire-elemental weapon, Fire, or Fira. As long as Maggie is frozen, the party cannot be slowed and Jack loses most of his support, allowing the player to defeat the Gigas Lord.

Another strategy is to simply ignore Maggie in general, only fleeing a large distance away when Slowga's being charged and moving out of the way to avoid being hit by Stop.

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